Deadlands Reloaded: The Weird West

A Story About A Camera

The Smells like a setup

The Posse:
Mr. Cotchry—Ex-Law Man
Russ Brown—Mad Scientist
Max “Doc” Cunnningham—Blessed Sawbones
Samuel Mars—Gunslinger

The Posse had been in Denver a little over a week now. Their wallets much lighter than they were when they first reached the “Queen of the West.” City living was expensive. And the trips to the hospital weren’t helpin’ their budget none. With Mr. Cotchry on the mend, Russ, Doc, and Sam tried to find work, but jobs evaporated the moment their shadow filled the door. It wasn’t until Mr. Cotchry was up and about that they made contact with a potential employer. It seems that a muckraker had lost something and wanted a group of men with the Posse’s skill set to get it back for her.

The Posse met with the muckraker at Denver’s largest Saloon and Casino, the Golden Nugget. She was sitting at the bar drowning herself in whiskey and gin. She was dark haired woman with long limbs that gave her a rangy almost lanky appearance. She was pretty but by no means stunning. As Mr. Cotchry walked over to her she finished her shot of whiskey. He could smell the alcohol wafting off of her.

“I heard you need some men to recover something for you.” Mr. Cotchry said. The woman Finished her shot and turned around to get an eyeful of the handsome ex-lawman. She smiled a sly smile at him before giving his far less attractive posse members the evil eye. “Why yes I am. Why don’t you sit right here next to me and I’ll tell ya all about it.” the woman said patting the bar stool next to her. She then pointed to a dark corner on the far side of the huge saloon, “Your boys can wait over there. Now then, why don’t you buy me a drink and I’ll you all about the job?”

Mr. Cotchry flagged down the bartender who placed two frothy beer mugs in front of them. The muckraker introduced herself as Ms. Annabel Hardin formerly with the Rocky Mountain News. She claimed that she was their top reporter until her last expose. She had infiltrated Wasatch Railroad Denver Office posing as a secretary. She slowly began to earn the company’s trust before she decided to break into “The Brickhouse.” A completely windowless building more than fifty feet tall with a single known entrance. She snapped some photographs with her Epitaph camera of some very incriminating evidence. Before she could get out she cached the camera and hid herself. She managed to escape, but couldn’t recover the camera. Now she wants to head back to the Brickhouse with some men in case there’s trouble.




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