Chief Storm Eagle

Indian Chief of the Klickitat Tribe of the Northwest


Suspected Stats

Rank: Veteran XP:
Agility: d8 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d8
Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: 0 Grit: +3

Quirk: Reclusive (Minor), Vow: to the Klickitat Tribe (Major)

Command, Woodsman

Climbing d4, Fighting d6, Guts d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge: Occult d6, Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Survival d8 + 2, Tracking d8 + 2

Personal Gear: Carried: 5 Max Weight: 30
Bladed Warclub (Damage: Str+d8 Weight: 7), Bow (Range: 12/24/48 Damage 2d6 RoF: 1 Weight: 3 Shots: 1) Arrow x12, Headdress, Tobacco


While he is a friendly man, he has learned the value of avoiding the white man and tries to keep his tribe hidden away from their world to avoid conflict.

Chief Storm Eagle

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