John Miller

Mayor of Lost Angels


Although I don’t think he’s doing as much as he could, Grimme does tell his flock who to vote for, and his candidate usually wins the elections. The problem is that he shows little discretion in deciding who wins.

The current office-holder, John Miller, became mayor in an interesting manner. He’s a former gunslinger for hire who shot the last mayor in the back. You see, he was under the mistaken impression that his predecessor was shuffling around on the wrong side of the grave from which he belonged, an impression that had been fraudulently conveyed to him by an agent of the warlord Kang, and—well, it’s a long story. The point is, his punishment for killing the mayor was that Grimme forced him to replace the fellow. The reasoning behind this decision escapes me completely. There must be something going on behind the scenes here, and I’d be very interested to know what. Miller is a sorrowful fellow who desperately wants to get out of his predicament in particular and Lost Angels in general. But somebody has some kind of hold over him, and he can’t or won’t leave. He’s a downright ineffectual mayor, having done nothing to encourage public morality or create an effective force for law and order.

John Miller

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