Paul Deauville


Deauville is a Frenchie, but by way of New Orleans, which isn’t quite as bad. Because he’s from New Orleans, he’s widely assumed to be a practitioner of voodoo. Actually, he’s a dedicated foe of the occult, and a particular enemy of Simone LaCroix, head of the Bayou Vermillion railroad.

Deauville is a former Catholic seminarian, and he supposedly knows LaCroix’s most deadly secrets. Deauville wears an eye patch, and the story goes that he lost the eye in a fight with LaCroix. He came out here only four years back and quickly rose to business prominence through a series of incredibly lucky deals. The Catholic minority of Lost Angels sees Deauville as a community leader; they say his good fortune is from Mary, mother of God, smiling down upon him.

Grimme, on the other hand, is of that variety of extreme Protestant that believes the Pope to be a manifestation of the Anti-Christ. He persecuted Catholics fiercely until Deauville showed up and hired some guns to protect them.

Last year, Deauville and Grimme reached a truce of some kind, and Deauville is now building a new cathedral unmolested by the cultists. Still, their peace is a rickety one, and tensions could easily explode into a street war. Deauville’s purse opens for folks who fight unholy powers or have a good plan to undermine LaCroix’s railroad or Grimme’s anti-Catholic cult. He’s no hero, though; I’d say his luck in business is more ruthlessness than holy favor. Given a choice between fighting the supernatural and protecting his financial empire, he’ll take the empire every time.

Paul Deauville

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