Percival Vernon Endicott AKA Peevie


Description: Peevie is a hulking brute of a man with dark hair and a child’s innocence in his eyes.

An escapee from a bloodsport arena in Salt Lake City, Percival Vernon Endicott—or “Peevie” as most folks know him—took up a job as the Collegium’s janitor. He felt right at home around the scientists and gizmos after years in the City o’ Gloom.

Physically, the man is a giant, but mentally, he’s barely and adolescent. Marcus Perriwinkle has found a certain kinship with Peevie, whether due to the fact both are fugitives of a sort from Salt Lake City, or simply as a result of the kindness that remain’s in Perriwinkle’s heart.

Percival Vernon Endicott AKA Peevie

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