Red Petals Su

Warlord Kang's Second-in-Command


She is a beautiful and deadly woman who commands his pirate fleet. Citizens of the Maze have different theories as to her relationship with him. Some say she’s his sister; others, that she’s his lover.

She commands the flagship vessel in Kang’s pirate fleet, The Abysmal. It’s a metal-plated monstrosity salvaged from a Confederate vessel that sank off the coast of Shan Fan. There are rumors that Kang raised its hull with the aid of water spirits or cannibal mermaids. The Abysmal isn’t maneuverable enough to get into the channels of the Maze proper without running aground. Out in the ocean, it’s a straight-ahead, bursting-with-cannons threat that’s faster and tougher than most cargo ships. Red Petals isn’t exactly cautious in her choice of enemies. She’s taken on freighters flying both the Confederate and Union flags.

Red Petals Su

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