Texas Ranger Devices

Texas Ranger Requistion Equipment (TEXAS RANGER CHARACTERS ONLY)


Bowie Survival Knife

Requisition Modifier: +0
The Bowie survival knife was developed by the mad scientists at Roswell, New Mexico—and they didn’t stop at just adding a super-sharp, near indestructible blade. They decided to incorporate every conceivable survival aid into the knife, with no net weight gain compared to an ordinary Bowie, thanks to the lightness of the ghost steel used in the blade.
Inside the Knife’s hollow handle are a dozen matches (with striking pad), sewing needles and thread, and fishing hooks with line and leads. The handle compartment is sealed watertight by a screw-on cap, which has a liquid-filled compass on its top. The blade itself has saw teeth, and stays shiny enough to be used as a signal mirror.
Any Ranger lucky enough to carry one of these adds +2 to Survival rolls that involveits use. Used as a weapon, the Bowie survival knife has the same stats as a regular Bowie knife (see the Deadlands Player’s Guide).

Fugitives from Justice in the Confederacy (Special Edition)

Requisition Modifier: –4 (1st Lieutenant and above only)
Every Ranger has heard the stories about “Chapter 13”—the secret part of the Ranger’s Bible that contains Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Monster-Slaying (But
Were Too Low-Ranking To Read). However,it isn’t until they climb all the way up to the rank of 1st Lieutenant that they actually getto see it, instead of just getting some bits and pieces sent to them over a telegraph line.
A Ranger with access to a copy enjoys all the benefits of the standard edition. He also gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Occult) rolls, as well as a +2 bonus to all attempts at Tracking creatures of unnatural origin. Getting a copy of the Special Edition is the Brigade’s ultimate show of faith in a Ranger, and no one gets to be a recipient of that level of trust without fully understanding what’s expected of them should this manual ever be in danger of being lost. In short, they are expected to die if need be to keep Chapter 13 out of the public eye, and that’s just for starters.

Improved Whitworth Rifle

Requisition Modifier: –2 (Corporal and above)
The Confederates and British have become fast friends in their mutual struggle to “curb Yankee arrogance.” The Whitworth, which is manufactured in Britain, is a tad hard to come by in the Confederacy. Lucky the Brits are willing to share.
The weapon itself is a breech-loader constructed using ghost steel, and fires a unique hexagonal bullet propelled by an increased powder charge (like the LeMat Undertaker below). Rangers are typically issued one box of 50 special rounds with each successful requisition.
Malfunction: If a Shooting roll comes up snake eyes while using an improved Whitworth, the powder charge explodes in the barrel, deals full damage to the wielder, and destroys the weapon.

LeMat Undertaker

Requisition Modifier: +0 (Sergeant and above only)
Once a ghost-steel knife was perfected, it was only a matter of time before someone followed suit with a ghost-steel revolver. The undertaker has the same game statistics as a LeMat grapeshot pistol—unless it’s loaded with special, increased-charge rounds. With the special rounds, damage is increased by one die (to 3d6). Rangers are typically issued one box of 50 special rounds with each successful requisition.
Malfunction: On a Shooting roll of snake eyes the special round explodes in the barrel, deals full damage to the wielder, and destroys the weapon.

Rains Hand Grenade–Mk II

Requisition Modifier: –3 (1st Sergeant and above only; +1d4 days wait time)
Mark II Rains hand grenades inflict damage like other explosives, but are not subject to accidental detonation like dynamite or nitro. All a Ranger has to do is pull the pin and make a Throwing roll to deliver the grenade to the target. Two grenades are issued with each successful requisition.
Malfunction: If a Ranger rolls snake eyes on the Throwing roll, the grenade detonates early and deals full damage to the thrower.Others in range can make the typical Agility roll (–2) to leap clear of the blast (see Savage Worlds).

Supernatural Phenomena Survival (SPS) Kit

Requisition Modifier: –2 (1st Sergeant and above only; +1d4 days wait time)
Due to the scarcity of its components, most Rangers are only ever issued an SPS kit whena supernatural threat is confirmed. Even then, it’s such an odd-looking amalgamation that it shouldn’t be worn at all unless the Ranger is avoiding the public and going straight to the creature’s lair.
The kit consists of a black leather belt with a quick-draw holster and two cartridge-boxsized pouches. The pouches contain a set of lockpicks, a silver mirror, six white candles with matches, a spool of thread with silver needles, a bag of rock salt, some wolfsbane, some bulbs of fresh garlic, a flask of holy water, and a detachable crucifix (usually mounted on the quick-draw holster). Twenty SPS rounds in a caliber of the Ranger’s choice are issued with the belt. SPS rounds represent the cutting edge of alchemical knowledge, and are made of ghost steel, jacketed in silver. These rounds do damage as appropriate to the caliber and weapon, and are AP 3. They do an additional 1d6 damage to creatures vulnerable to silver (like werewolves).
Each round is hand-engraved with a crucifix on its tip, providing the blessed of any Christian sect a +2 bonus to Faith rolls made to imbue them with a power (like smite).
Malfunction: If the Shooting roll is snake eyes the SPS round explodes in the barrel, deals full damage to the wielder, and destroys the weapon.


How to requisition items can be found in The Last Sons Player’s Guide starting on page 29.

The Last Sons Player’s Guide

Texas Ranger Devices

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