Tombstone Epitaphs

"The Bright Light of Truth!"


The task be felled me by my superiors at Hellstromme Industries, Ltd. to read an review many of the yellow journalistic “guides” found around the west. What I, Wendell Toomes discovered was a plethora liable laden, completely false fantastic stories written purely for sale numbers than any useful information. To be certain, there is some useful information to complete greenhorns contained between the pages of these guides, but amount of factually incorrect (walking dead, please) content makes them practically useless.

Vice-Assistant Special Field Projects Co-Manager for Hellstromme Industries Ltd.

Wendell Tomes, M.Sc.

The Tombstone Epitaph’s Guide to the Weird West
1876 Edition
Written by none other than Lacy O’Malley chronicler of the twisted tales of the Weird West, this guide sold a dime and gave a brief overview of the west according to the sensationalistic writings known by the Epitaph. While O’Malley claims over 90% of the guide is true and accurate, much found within its pages were far too fantastic to be real.

The Guide was found in the Deadlands Classic supplement, The Quick and the Dead.

The Tombstone Epitaph’s Guide to the City o’ Gloom
1876 Edition
Written by local S&R courier Six-Hundred Pound Sally Manners and edited by none other than Lacy O’Malley this guide details a brief history of the Mormons and their settling in along the Wasatch Front. The guide also covers places of note within technological marvel that is Salt lake City (reffered to as the City o’ Gloom) with a blatant favoritism to Ms. Manners employers and friends. O’Malley seems to want to play up the more supernatural ideas going so far as to make it seem as if giant serpents on the Salt Flats is common knowledge there. The guide also covers some the more important New Scientists of the city.

The Guide was found in the Deadlands Classic boxed set, City o’ Gloom.

The Tombstone Epitaph’s Guide to the Mighty Mississippi
1877 Edition
Commissioned by none other than Lacy O’Malley this “Guide” is written by Daniel A. Clark, a riverboat pilot of the Big Muddy. The information here is far better than that found in the Salt Lake City with useful maps of the major cities found along the river. Once again the hand of O’Malley can be seen with a few of the ‘Ghost’ stories, however; the portrayals of Rail Barons of Mina Devlin and Baron LeCroix are good though don’t truly detail how underhanded the two are.

The Guide was found in the Deadlands Classic boxed set, River o’ Blood.

Rascal, Varmints & Critters
by The Explorers Society, in Conjunction with the Tombstone Epitaph
1876 Edition
Once again we find fantastic stories of ghost and goblins with the aid of the Epitaph’s hand. This guide covers some creatures and monsters that have been discovered here in the west. The accounts are descriptive and engaging and even yield helpful information on what to do if one was to encounter one these abominations, if they were real. Instead we find a 4 bit rag that’s only purpose is to give you some good stories to tell around the ol’ campfire.

The Guide was found in the Deadlands Classic book, Rascals, Varmints & Critters.


I wanted to give some personality to the various fluff books I have for Deadlands. All of the guides listed are available in game if the players have or get a hold of copy (Real World). The information can been used by their characters who have read the guides (or had them read to them by the illiterate ones).

Like what Mr. Toomes has been spouting though, not all the information may be correct or accurate. Although, Toomes is likely brown-nosing a little to make Hellstromme Industries look good and their enemies look bad.

Players are encouraged to read these guides, but not by any means going to lose anything from the game if they don’t.

Tombstone Epitaphs

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