Battle Between Union Blue and Wasatch Rails

TABLE ROCK, NB—For as yet undisclosed reasons, forces of the Wasatch Railroad attacked a train belonging to the Union Blue today. Witnesses report that a heavily armed Wasatch train overtook an eastbound Union Blue train early this morning. This train opened fire on the U.B. freight without provocation and the Union Blue returned fire. A general free-for-all ensued, during which the Union Blue locomotive was disabled.

Both trains came to a halt and disgorged troops, who continued the fight on foot. Spectators report seeing what appeared to be heavily armored men, each carrying a Gatling gun attacking the Union troopers. Some also report seeing strange devices which resembled large, mechanical insects scuttling about the battlefield.

The battle raged for nearly three hours. Reports indicate that things went badly for the Union Blue forces early in the battle. The firepower of the armored men’s Gatlings turning the no man’s land between the two trains into a killing field that none dared enter. Most Union troopers were forced to take refuge behind the heavy undercarriages of their train cars.

When the Gatling men advanced to flush the Union Blue forces from hiding, the boys in blue manage to turn the tables. As the attackers drew near, the troopers opened fire with some sort of hand-held explosives projector and destroyed many of steel-clad men. The surviving attackers withdrew back into the Wasatch train and steamed off.

Some of those who witnessed the battle said it appeared as if the Union Blue many have been expecting the attack, as the freight train had a much larger contingent of troops that they had seen commonly.

Battle Between Union Blue and Wasatch Rails

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