Behind the Door of the Green Room

A Tombstone Epitaph Exclusive!

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—The most exclusive club in all Deseret, maybe even the West. Only the highest of the holies of the Saints are allowed inside—members if the Presidency, the Twelve, and few special friends whom are given the golden nod. Well your friends here were able to get that nod.

The place is what you would expect in a gentleman’s club sans the drinking, smoking, and gaming. Large overstuffed chairs, a large marble fire place, and of course dark green walls decorated with the finest of Mormon art.

Looking For Something Sweet, Head to Edna’s Eats

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Mrs. Edna Jacobs cooks the best pastries in all of the Deseret. I’ll admit I have a bit of a sweet-tooth so if might just see me down there along with famed dime novel writer and Nevada Smith confidant, I.M. Hymme chatting up Edna. If the City o’ Gloom gets you down, just stop into this bake shop and treat yourself to some of her goods.

The Deseret Café, serves Brigham tea, soda water, sarsaparilla, and root beer (completely non-alcoholic). Stop in and say, ‘Howdy.’

Behind the Door of the Green Room

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