Blessed Miracles


Deadlands Reloaded is not intended to be a game of theological argument about real world religious and philosophical ideas. All concepts below are generated in the idea of a ‘cinematic’ idea of religion and belief make the role-playing game more interesting. For the purposes of this game all ideas of higher powers, deities, gods, etc. are named the Powers That Be to avoid any sort of favoritism to one branch of religion or belief. In fact, in Deadlands all religions bear some merit as any can have Blessed (or Shaman depending on the nature of the belief) among their followers.

Religions of the Blessed

The Blessed of the Player’s Guide are considered catch all of Blessed in terms of what religion they proscribe to. They may only have a vague idea of a higher power of benevolence yet believe so strongly that the Powers That Be reward their piousness. Conversely, the Powers That Be may simply select a virtuous and true champion of good regardless if the person cares to be a Blessed or not. These reluctant heroes might curse the powers they were given, but they will uses them to fight evil none the less. For general or unaffiliated Blessed there is no change to Arcane Background: Blessed.

However, if the player wants to select a particular religion that the Blessed is a member, they may choose to take the Sins and New Power list for different religions as detailed below.

By far the biggest religion found in the Weird West. Most towns have a church or chapel dedicated to worship the God of Christianity. Fact is most folk consider themselves Christians in the West even they never seen the in side of a church or heard a Bible passage. Christianity covers all forms of Catholicism as well as the Protestant forms.
Minor Sins: Taking the Lord’s name in vain, getting drunk, lying, refusing aid to those in in need, envying another’s possessions
Major Sins: Theft, turning away from others in dire need, failing to take communion (for a Catholic)
Mortal Sins: Adultery, killing other than self-defense, blasphemy (denial of religion)
Prohibited Miracles: Dervish, Mysterious Ways, Two Places

One of the oldest religions still practiced it ain’t as common as Christianity but practitioners can be found in all walks of life throughout the frontier.
Minor Sins: Showing disrespect to ones parents, working on the Sabbath (between sundown on Friday and Sundown of Saturday), eating non-kosher foods, refusing aid to those in need, envying another’s possessions.
Major Sins: Theft, turning away from others in dire need, lying, taking the Lord’s name in vain
Mortal Sins: Adultery, killing another person, blasphemy (denial of religion).
Prohibited Miracles: For (Orthodox and Reform) Dervish, Exorcism, Mysterious Ways, Two Places (For Cabbalists) Battle Hymn, Dervish, Inspiration, Two Places

While there ain’t many who practice Islam, that ain’t to say there no Muslims are in the Weird West.
Minor Sins: Showing disrespect to one’s parents, eating pork, drinking alcohol, gambling, envying another’s possessions
Major Sins: Refusing aid to others in need, breaking the fast of Ramadan, failing to observe daily prayers
Mortal Sins: Adultery, killing another Muslim, blasphemy (denial of religion), theft, idolatry (worshiping of graven images).
Prohibited Miracles: (Sunni and Shi’ite) Burnt Offering, Mysterious Ways, Sticks to Snakes, Two Places, Walk on Water (Sufis) Battle Hymn, Chastise, Feast, Mighty Fortress

With the large number of Chinese immigrants, the number of Buddhists is fairly significant especially on the west coast. The religion is also gaining new ground with the expansion of the Iron Dragon railroad as well as other Chinese Warlords in California.
Minor Sins: Sleeping in large beds, wearing fine clothing or jewelry, using perfume
Major Sins: Singing, Dancing, drunkenness, eating after noon, accepting wealth, refusing aid to those in need, adultery
Mortal Sins: Lying, killing, theft
Prohibited Miracles: Burnt Offerin’, Consecrate, Feast, Sticks to Snakes

Taoism rivals Buddhism for popularity among East Asian immigrants. Unlike the other religions mentioned, Taoism may work better using the Shamanism instead.

The following are the Blessed miracles separated by Rank. Each miracle has trapping suggestions for the player to look through. While the Powers That Be manifest differently to each chooses blessed many times there are no special effects to them so one could rarely say that anything miraculous had happened at all.

Voodoo trappings are completely separated as are the less common religions found in the Weird West that blessed are chosen from.

Finally, there is a list of new powers that bless can take. Unlike the powers detailed in the Player’s Guide, the blessed must spend an advance to purchase the New Power Edge as per the core rules to have any of these miracles. The powers still work as per the Arcane Background: Blessed (No Power Points, Casting Modifier, Duration, etc.) in all other respects. Note, that not all religions allow every new power listed.

Novice Blessed Miracles

Beast Friend:
Boost/Lower Trait:
Elemental Manipulation:
Environmental Protection:
Speak Languages:
Stun: In addition to the the appropriately timed thunderclap, and alternate trapping for this power has the Blessed loudly command the target to, “Repent!”

Seasoned Blessed Miracles

Quickness: The recipient of this miracle moves with holy speed bestowed by the powers that be. For most Christian Blessed it is called Godspeed. For Muslin Blessed it is known as Dervish.

Veteran Blessed Miracles

Greater Healing:

Novice Voodooist Miracles

Seasoned Voodooist Miracles

Veteran Voodooist Miracles

New Power Miracles


Babble On: This miracle makes spoken communication impossible with in a Medium Burst Template (Large Burst Template with a Raise). All verbal communication sounds like gibberish to all designated by the Blessed within the area of defect. Even those talking outside the area are unintelligible to those inside the effect. The Blessed can choose who the miracles affects and who it doesn’t. Novice Power; Range: Spirit; Duration: 3
Bless Crops: This miracle increases production of crops. It covers an area of ten acres per Rank of the Blessed. The miracle increases productions by 50% (doubles production with a Raise). The blessed can only use this miracle once until harvest, but the miracle lasts until the crops are harvested. The invoke this miracle the Blessed must take an entire day to walk the farmland to bless it. Seasoned Power; Range: Sight; Duration: Next Special
Burnt Offerin’: By issuing a command from their deity the blessed can cause an ready flammable object to burst into flame. The miracle doesn’t work living thing only objects. Once ignited, the object burn normally and is completely non-magical. Novice Power; Range: 3"; Duration: Instant


Confession: This miracle makes it exceedingly difficult to lie to a Blessed. The target must make an Opposed Spirit roll vs. the Blessed Faith. If they fail, for the duration of the miracle, they act as if they have the Lyin’ Eyes Hindrance. If the Blessed gets a Raise, the target cannot lie at all. They can still omit, evade, and use crafty wording however. If the target rolls a 1 or less, they blurt the truth. Seasoned Power; Range: 1"; Duration: Concentration

Control Weather: The invoker can influence the weather around them with this miracle. The blessed can alter the weather around them one step (two with a Raise) on the following list: Clear, Cloudy, Light Snow/Drizzle, Snow/Rain, Heavy Snow/Downpour, Snowstorm/Rainstorm, Whiteout/Thunderstorm, Blizzard/Tempest. The most severe weather the blessed can manage is Heavy Snow/Downpour. The miracle cannot alter other magical effects that are changing the weather (such as another Blessed using this power in the area). Continued use of this miracle is very taxing on the Blessed and each time the miracle is invoked in the same week suffers a cumulative -2 to the Blessed Faith roll. Seasoned Power; Range: 1 mile/Rank; Duration: 1 day


Devil’s Plaything: This miracle prevents the use of any invention created using Mad Science (Gizmo or Infernal Device). To invoke this miracle, the Blessed curses the device as a, ‘Plaything o’ the devil’ and point to the device they wish to affect and roll an opposed Faith vs. Smarts of the wielder of the gizmo (or base 4 if the gizmo has no current owner). If successful, the device fails to operate if used against the Blessed (two gizmos with a Raise). Owl sight goggles fail to see the Blessed, flamethrowers fail ignite if the blessed is within the Area of Effect. The wielder of the Gizmo must still roll for a malfunction however even if the gizmo didn’t work. Seasoned Power; Range: Self Duration: Concentration


Expose: This miracle aids the Blessed in uncovering evil that uses disguises or can shape shift. To invoke this miracle, the Blessed command the target to reveal there true evil form and make an opposed Faith vs. Spirit roll. If the target is indeed using a magic to disguise them self or are a shape shifter their true form is revealed to the blessed. With a Raise, the blessed can chose to reveal the targets form to all. IN any case, if a Guts check is required to see the abomination’s true from all witnesses get a +2 bonus to resist. The miracle can also be used to stealthy reveal abominations and harrowed by the Blessed but require a Raise and only the Blessed see through the disguise. Veteran Power; Range: Spirit Duration: Concentration


Feast: This miracle increases the amount of food on hand. To use his miracle, the Blessed must have enough food to feed at least one person for one meal. Additional, the blessed can only affect a number of meals equal to his Faith die per miracle. A successful attempt doubles the amount of food (Quadruples it with a Raise). While even more valuable in areas of famine it provides less food at higher effort. The Blessed needs a Raise just to provide double the food. Novice Power; Range: Touch Duration: Permanent


Grace: This miracle cleanses food and unimbibed drink of impurities including poison, rot, and diseases of all sorts (even unnatural ones). The Blessed simply offers a blessing of Grace over the food or drink before ingesting to cleanse it. The miracle is permanent if the food and drink are ingested with in an hour otherwise the impurities return. Novice Power; Range: 1"; Duration: Special


Intercession: With this miracle the blessed with able to lend another one of his Traits for a while. The blessed simply selects one of his Traits (Attribute or Skill) that is equal or higher than the target’s. After a successful Faith roll, the Target and Blessed exchange that Trait for the duration of the miracle. Any modifiers such as Edges are not transferred by modifies from things such as Supernatural Trait are. Novice Power; Range: Spirit Duration: 3


Last Rites: Use of the miracle prevents any dead body to return as undead. If successful, the deceased has no chance coming back as a ghost, Harrowed, vampire, walking dead, or other form of undead. This miracle can even put down animated corpses if they can manage to keep the zombie still for the full minute required to invoke this miracle. To accomplish the Blessed makes an opposed Faith vs. Spirit roll against the undead. Seasoned Power; Range: 1"; Duration: Permanent


Martyrdom: This miracle transfers all damage and effects such as poison from the target to the Blessed. The Blessed must use this miracle at the time of that the damage is taken for it to have any effect (though the player knows how much damage as the miracle happens at the same point the target would soak). All damage and effects are transferred from the target to the Blessed including secondary effects. The Blessed may attempt to Soak this damage before it is applied. Novice Power; Range: Sight; Duration: Instant
Mercy: This miracle allows the blessed to use normally lethal weapons like guns (even dynamite) as non-lethal weapons. Any damage from the affect weapon has caused is treated as non-lethal damage. This miracle works on every kind of weapon except mad science gizmos and evil relics. The miracle only works on the Blessed, although they may end the miracle at any point they wish. Novice Power; Range: Self; Duration: 3
Mighty Fortress: This miracles fortifies structures and vehicles making them much more difficult to damage and destroy. The building, structure, or vehicle (including Mad Science gizmos) have their Toughness increased by 2 (4 with a Raise) in terms of breaking things. The blessed must slowly walk around the structure chanting a prayer to invoke the prayer (casting time is dependent on the size of structure). The blessed may use this to fortify parts of buildings such as doors and windows if in a hurry. Seasoned Power; Range: Touch; Duration: 1/Rank
Mysterious Ways:


Ordain: This miracles allows them to give one of the Blessed powers to a fellow member of their religion. When the Blessed invokes this power, they give access to one of their powers (two with a Raise) to another member of their religion. The ordained recipient of this miracle must use their own Faith skill and are subject to all effects as per being an Arcane Background: Blessed. Note: if the character is a Champion of the Powers That Be, they cannot take this Power. Seasoned Power; Range: Touch; Duration: 1 hour/Rank


Reassurance: This miracle removes the effects of a failed Guts check with a reassuring touch and a few words of encouragement. This miracle removes all temporary effects of Fear but can only remove permanent effects (such as Phobias) if invoked the same round as the Fear Effect. If the Blessed also failed their Guts check, they will require a Raise to remove the Fear Effects. Novice Power; Range: Touch; Duration: Permanent
Retribution: By issuing a scornful warning to the Blessed opponent to the effect of, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” or similar, any Wounds taken by the blessed are also applied to the one that caused them. For the miracle to work, all potential targets must understand and be able to hear the Blessed’s warning. If the invocation is successful, anyone who hears the warning and causes Wounds to the Blessed take the same number of Wounds. The Blessed may attempt to Soak (reducing the number of Wounds the target takes) but target may not. Seasoned Power; Range: Self; Duration: 3


Safekeepin’: This miracle is a faster, short-term version of the Sanctity Power. The miracles covers the area of a Medium Burst Template and only takes 1 minute to invoke. It functions like the Sanctify Power for a shorter duration. Novice Power; Range: Touch; Duration: 1 hour/Faith die type
Sticks to Snakes:
Solace: This miracle removes Dementia’s, Phobias, Fear Effects, and some Hindrances permanently. Removing mental trauma suffered by failed Guts checks and similar effects only require the Blessed to make a Faith Roll with a Standard Success. Hindrances and Dementias that Mad Scientists pick require a Raise on the roll. This miracle is not without risk however, if the Blessed rolls a 1 on their Faith die (regardless of the Wild Die) they suffer from the effect. Note: they may still cure the effect with the Wild Die essentially by transferring the trauma to themselves. The Powers That Be also prevent a Fate Chip (other than a Legendary) to be spent using this miracle. Veteran Power; Range: Touch; Duration: Permanent
Solomon’s Advice: This miracle advises the Blessed on what is the wrong course of action or choice. The Blessed must come up with as many choices as they can think of before seeking the miracle’s advice. For every success and Raise the miracle attempts to remove a wrong choice (if the Powers That Be decide none of the choices seem anymore wrong that the right none of the choices will be removed). Note: if the blessed only comes up with choices are all incorrect, the miracle will remove as many as the it can at random. Seasoned Power; Range: Self; Duration: Instant
Soothe: This miracle prevents the target from suffering from the effects of pain. While the miracle is effect, the recipient does not suffer Wound Penalties. The character can see feel themselves take damage, but they are no longer hampered from the pain of it until the miracle’s duration runs out. Novice Power; Range: Touch; Duration: 3
Strike Blind/Deaf: This miracle can cause the target to be temporarily blind or deaf. The invoke, the Blessed rolls an opposed Faith vs. Spirit. If successful, the target is either blind or deaf. Novice Power; Range: Smarts; Duration: 3


Test o’ Faith: This miracle allows the Blessed to use their Spirit in place of one other Trait for the duration of the miracle. Novice Power; Range: Self; Duration: 3


Unfetter: This miracle allows the blessed to free themselves of bindings, manacles, even lock doors holding the Blessed captive. For bonds, handcuffs, or manacles the Blessed needs a simple success. However, for locked doors and windows they require a Raise for the miracle to work. Note: the miracle has no effect if doors and windows not holding the Blessed or their allies captive. Novice Power; Range: Touch; Duration: Instant


Walk On Water: This miracle allows the Blessed (and others on their religion) to walk on water as if were solid ground. This includes whitewater rapids and stormy seas. The Blessed can extend this power to others of his religion but only up to his Faith die type. Novice Power; Range: Special; Duration: Concentration
Word o’ Honor:

Blessed Miracles

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