It is strongly recommended that any player character heading to California read the Tombstone Epitaph listed below. This is especially true for posses going trough The Flood Plot Point Campaign.

Tombstone Epitaph and Player’s Guide for California from The Flood Plot Point Book


Archeron Bay
The Coast Mountain Range
Collegium’s Great Maze Ore Processing Station Abandon ghost rock ore processing plant
The Devil’s Post Piles Geological wonder
Death Valley
Dragon’s Teeth
The Drain
The Ever-Triumphant Trail
Fort Rosser Old abandoned Confederate Fort
Ghost Town, CA
The Ghost Trail
Gomorra AKA Doomtown Mad Scientist group called the Collegium settlement turned ghost town
Groaning Man Cave
The Great Maze A series of steep canyons, mesas, and caves filled this the Pacific Ocean after the Great Quake
Kirschner Hotel A remnant of Los Angeles that somehow survived the Great Quake
The Log Flume
Medicine Lake Volcano
Mohave Desert
Mount Shasta Important northern Californian landmark
The Ruins of San Diego also known as the Sunken City as the settlement is more than 30 feet underwater
San Jacinto Mountain Range
Sierra Nevadas Mountains
Skull Cave
The Spouts
Van Horn’s Light An abandoned lighthouse in the Great Maze near Lost Angels
Vandegrift’s Cave A cave located not far from Progress


Bear’s Claw One of Warlord Kang’s Fortresses
Big M Ranch Independent Ranch
Carver’s Landing Semi-Independent/Church of Lost Angels mesa town
Devil’s Armpit Independent bandit/pirate town
Dragon’s Breath One of Warlord Kang’s Fortresses
Dragonhold Independent town
Elsbethtown Independent mining town
Felicity Peak Russian noble fortress
Floater’s Folly Independent town
Fort Lincoln Union Fort and mining town
Fort Norton Kwan Province stronghold
Goodwill New Tomorrow Triad town
Harmony New Tomorrow Triad town
Jehoshaphat Valley Church of Lost Angels Graveyard for non-believers
Junction Independent mining trade town
Lost Angels Capital of the Church of Lost Angels
Lion’s Roar One of Warlord Kang’s Fortresses
Lynchburg Independent town
Mexicali Mexican border town
Mission San Xavier del Bac
Necessity Alliance Mesa Indian Settlement
New Opportunity New Tomorrow Triad town
Perdition Hellstromme Industries Company Town
Petersen Sanitarium Independent Mental Asylum
Placerville Shan Fan Triad Mining Town
Progress Mad scientist Collective
Quarrytown Independent town
Rattlesnake Clan Territory Indian Settlement
Red Rat Independent Mining Town
The Rock Prison Church of Lost Angels Prison
Sacramento Union mining town and fort
Shan Fan Chinese Triad run city
Shannonsburg Confederate Shipping town
Stanley’s Live Bait and Curios a small trading post/museum of oddities
Whateley Isle This is the home of the California clan of the strange Whateley family.
37th Chamber Shaolin Martial Arts Temple

Ships of the Maze

This is a list of ships, ironclads, and maze runners known to operated in and around the Great Maze.

The Abysmal Warlord Kang’s flagship
The Archeron A ship sunken by a behemoth creature
The Conquistador Captain Sangre’s flag ship
The Evangelist A Church of Lost Angels Maze Runner
The Gien A Chinese immigrant ship that shipwrecked years ago
The Grendel A known bucaneer ship
The CSS Leviathan A confederate pacific fleet ship
The Lucky Lady A Mississippi-style river boat casino
The CSS Mobile A Confederate war ship lost just after the Great Quake
The Ourobouros A known buccaneer ship
The Orca A salvage ship of the Blumquist Recovery Ltd. company
The USS Portsmouth The current flagship of the Union Navy in the Pacific
The Reaver One of Kang’s Maze Rat ironclads
The USS Relentless An union warship lost just after the Great Quake
The Sturgeon Big Ears Tam’s personal iron clad
The Typhoon Maze Rat pirate vessel
The Wantley A known buccaneer ship
The Wotan A ship owned by Ansel Pascal successful business man
The Wyrmm A known buccaneer ship

Bounty Board

This area is a list of all the paying jobs that a posse could reasonable find at a post office, news paper, or message board during their travels through the region. Any links to the listing are for the players to research a little closer to discuss with the other players about the possibility of following up on.

  • Wanted: Emperor Norton I will pay $10 an ear or scalp for any known enemy of the Kwan Province.
  • Wanted: Captain Blood for piracy of the high seas. $2000 Dead or Alive.
  • HIRING GUNMEN Shan Fan Triad is looking for caravan guards to move ghost rock from Placerville to Shan Fan. Pay $80 a trip.
  • Looking for Ranch Hands: Dwight Shelton of the Big M Ranch is hiring ranch hands that are handy with the steel to look after longhorns. Pay is $5 plus room and board (tasty beefsteak!).
  • Wanted: Rabid Rance Hitchcock $1000 Dead or Alive and $100 bonus for any of his gang. Bounty posted by the Rockies mining cartel in Lost Angels.
  • NOW HIRING: Blumquist Recovery Ltd. is hiring sailors and salvage experts for work in the Sunken City area. Pay is $5 a day plus a percentage of salvage recovered. Interested parties should head to the Ruins of San Diego and seek out the ironclad the Orca.
  • Mayor and Marshal Wanted: For the new town of Perdition. Contact Hattie Wagner at Ore Collection Station #37.
  • Adventurous Persons Required: Hellstromme Industries Ltd. are seeking adventurers and scouts to assess the Collegium Great Maze ore processing station. Pay is $250 contact Granville Kurtz in Perdition for details.
  • MISSING: Young Palmer Watson of Quarrytown has gone missing. The town has posted $500 for the safe return of the boy, and $50 for return of the young lad’s body if dead.
  • $1000 Reward To anyone that solves the mystery of who is brewing, “ghost rot” by the Greater Maze Rock Miner’s Association in Sacramento.
  • JUSTICE SOUGHT!: Someone is smashing mining and new scientific equipment owned by the residents of Elsbethtown. $750 to anyone who puts a stop to this.
  • $45 A DAY! For crack freelancers in fundament transport. Contact Eldon Strouth in Lost Angels
  • WANTED: Seabury Gang Charged with piracy, murder, and terror of the Great Maze $100 reward for Victor Seabury and $20 for any other member of the gang paid by Greater Maze Rock Miner’s Association out of Junction.
  • WANTED!: Information or live capture of any of the “Men of the Grid” by the city of Lost Angels pay based on quality of information up to but not exceeding $1000.
  • BOUNTY POSTED: For the pirate crew impersonating the sunken Union ironclad the Relentless and her dead crew Interested parties should travel to Fort Lincoln. Brig Gen. Malcolm Gill has posted $1000 to rid the seas of this scum.
  • Investigators Wanted: Black Buzzard by Air Delivery and Distribution Company is seeking investigators and bounty hunters to uncover the cur calling himself “Doc Acid”
  • WANTED!: Randall Hensworth and the rest of the Hensworth Gang including Jack “Cookie” Pennebacker for robbery, kidnapping, and murder. $500 for Hensworth or Peneebacker alive ($50 dead) and $20 for any other member of the gang paid by the Greater Maze Rock Miner’s Association in Junction.
  • STRANGE hopping creatures spotted in the Sierra Nevadas south of the Kwan Province. Witnesses say thing look like people all hunch over. Tombstone Epitaph will pay $50 for any proof to confirm these claims.


MARSHAL’S ONLY: These are not for players to read unless they have accomplished the adventure already (and have the Marshal’s go ahead) and want to get a look behind the scenes. For published adventures, most of what is here are notes concerning the adventure such as locations, major NPCs, possible trouble spots, and optional things that change the adventure. For original adventures, it is the actual adventure.

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