Coffeyville is located on the newly built eastern fork of the Chisholm Trail which connects the town to Wichita (about 100 miles via the trail) and Kansas City (about 125 miless via the trail). The town is located on the Kansas side of the Oklahoma border near the Flint Hills of the Coyote Confederation. The town can also be reached by a new Black River Railroad spur out of Wichita a few miles from town.

The town has always been a risky venture since it was founded. Story goes that Colonel James Coffey and Surveyor Captain Blanton got into a heated argument on what the town’s name was going to be. The argument was finished when Colonel Coffey threaten to kill the other man for naming rights.

Today the town supports complete free and open trade that even Indians are welcome to work or trade here. Most find jobs loading gunny sacks of produce from the local farms onto freight trains like most of the townsfolk.

Points of Interest

Black River Railroad Office: The railroad maintains a pretty big operation from these offices in Coffeyville mostly watch over the trains coming going into or coming out of the Coyote Confederation. The top floor of the offices are used as a Hotel/Gentlewoman’s Club by the Wichita Witches. At any given time there are four to more than a dozen staying here ensuring no with good sense harassing the office.

The Coffeyville Trading Post: This is the original trading post that have been expanded and added onto to make a huge, rambling general store to supply the growing town’s needs. The Trading Post has just about anything one could need including Smith & Robards infernal devices straight out of the S&R catalog. The also buy gear at about half the usual cost.


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