New Edges

Metal Mage
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Arcane Background: Huckster, Hexslinging d6, Mad Science d6, Repair d8, at least two other Scientific Knowledge Skills d6+
This gives the huckster the Gadgeteer Edge as if they were a Mad Scientist including the same number of Power Points as if the character were a Mad Scientist.

Master List of Edges for Deadlands

This game uses the Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD) Core rules modified by the Deadlands Reloaded (DLR) Setting books. Additional Edges can be found in: The Flood (FLD), The Last Sons (LS), and Smith & Robards 1880 Catalog (S&R).

The Flood Edges can be found both in the Plot Point book as well as: The Food Player’s Guide
The Edges start of page 15.

The Last Sons Edges can be found both in the Plot Point book as well as: The Last Sons Player’s Guide
The Edges start of page 25.


Ace (SWD)
Acrobat (SWD)
Alertness (SWD)
Ambidextrous (SWD)
Arcane Background: Miracles (DLR)
Arcane Background: Mad Science (DLR)
Arcane Background: Chi Mastery (DLR)
Arcane Background: Shamanism (DLR)
Arcane Resistance (SWD)
Improved Arcane Resistance (SWD)
Assassin (SWD)
Attractive (SWD)
Very Attractive (SWD)
Blind Fighting (FLD)
Brave (SWD)
Beast Bond (SWD)
Beast Master (SWD)
Berserk (SWD)
Brawler (SWD)
Bruiser (SWD)
Brawny (SWD)
Cannoneer (FLD)
Captain (FLD)
Charismatic (SWD)
Combat Reflexes (SWD)
Command (SWD)
Command Presence (SWD)
Common Bond (SWD)
Connections (SWD)
Counterpunch (FLD)
Danger Sense (SWD)
Elan (SWD)
Extraction (SWD)
Fast Healer (SWD)
First Strike (SWD)
Fleet-Footed (SWD)
Florentine (SWD)
Gadgeteer (SWD)
Gallows Humor (LS)
Hard to Kill (SWD)
Healer (SWD)
Investigator (SWD)
Jack-of-All-Trades (SWD): Also receives a +1 to Common Knowledge rolls
Knack: Shooting Star (LS)
Knack: Spirit Touched (LS)
Knack: Storm Born (LS)
Linguist (SWD)
Liquid Courage (LS)
Luck (SWD)
Great Luck (SWD)
Martial Artist (DLR)
McGyver (SWD)
Mongoose Leap (FLD)
Mr. Fix It (SWD)
Natural Leader (SWD)
Nerves of Steel (SWD)
Improved Nerves of Steel (SWD)
New Power (SWD)
Noble (SWD)
Nose of the Rock (FLD)
Patron Spirit (LS)
Power Points (SWD)
Quick (SWD)
Quick Draw (SWD)
Rich (SWD)
Filthy Rich (SWD)
Scrapper (S&R)
Scavenger (SWD)
Scholar (SWD)
Sidekick (SWD)
Silver-Tongued Devil (FLD)
Steady Hands (SWD)
Sweep (SWD)
Strong Willed (SWD)
Ten-Tiger Punch (FLD)
Thief (SWD)
Totem Spirit (LS)
Trademark Weapon (SWD)
Two-Fisted (SWD)
Woodsman (SWD)


Block (SWD)
Counterattack (SWD)
Dead Shot (SWD)
Dodge (SWD)
Improved Extraction (SWD)
Improved First Strike (SWD)
Followers (SWD)
Frenzy (SWD)
Improved Frenzy (SWD)
Hold the Line! (SWD)
Improvisational Fighter (SWD)
Inspire (SWD)
Level Headed (SWD)
Improved Level Headed (SWD)
Lighting Strike (FLD)
Marksman (SWD)
Mighty Blow (SWD)
No Mercy (SWD)
Rapid Recharge (SWD)
Rock and Roll! (SWD)
Tactician (SWD)


Improved Block (SWD)
Celestial Kung Fu (FLD)
Improved Counterattack (SWD)
Improved Counterpunch (FLD)
Improved Dodge (SWD)
Feet of Fury (FLD)
Fervor (SWD)
Giant Killer (SWD)
Harder to Kill (SWD)
Leader of Men (SWD)
Improved Martial Arts (FLD)
Movement of the Serpent (FLD)
Improved Rapid Recharge (SWD)
Improved Sweep (SWD)
Improved Trademark Weapon (SWD)
See the Elephant (LS)
Two-Gun Kid (LS)


Desensitized (S&R)
Iron Parry(FLD)
Killer Instinct (SWD)


Professional (SWD)
Expert (SWD)
Martial Arts Master (FLD)
Master (SWD)
Mind of Quicksilver (FLD)
Tough as Nails (SWD)
Improved Tough as Nails (SWD)
Weapon Master (SWD)
Master of Arms (SWD)
We Have the Technology! (S&R)


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