This small town is located 15 miles due north of Quarrytown. Elsbethtown is little more than a mining supply store, saloon, and few other services on one of the larger mesas in The Great Maze.

Points of Interest

Assayer Office: This small two room building has been directly on to the town’s general store with entrances from both the street and the general store itself. The place is run according to the Greater Rocky Miner’s Association. The place is operated by a single clerk that opens the place about an hour later and closes about an hour earlier than the general store itself. Clerk Edison Banker is also known to take fairly long lunch breaks sometimes exceeding two hours.
Persons of Note:
Edison Banker, Assayer Clerk, While not particularily lazy, he doesn’t much like spending a lot of time at the office.

Blacksmith: This corrugated metal shack serves as the town’s blacksmith, though,Dr. Merrill Pond the local Mad Scientist, can perform far complex work than is typically called for by the residents. As such, he with his young son and daughter have a side mining business that usually keeps two of them away from the forge most of the time.
Persons of Note:
Merrill Pond, Mad Scientist, He is the owner and master blacksmith of Elsbethtown and founder of the town. He is also a practitioner of New Science. He has trained both his eldest daughter, Elsbeth (whom the town is named for) and his son, Merry, as blacksmith apprentices. Each capable for most work that some through the town.
Elsbeth Pond, Blacksmith/Miner, She is the Elsbeth of Elsbeth town and is a capable blacksmith and a talented business woman.
Merry Pond, Blacksmith, He is Dr. Pond’s middle child and a decent blacksmith and metalworker.

Chapel of the Church of Lost Angels of Elsbethtown: This small church is located pratically on the edge of the mesa on the outer edge of the settlement right off the bridge that allows travelers in.
Persons of Note:

Doctor: Most places have a hard time getting a good sawbones. Most towns the doctor is also the dentist as well.

General Store:



Rumors, Gossip, and Stories

  • Recently someone has been destroying the miners’ ghost rock mining equipment. The town might not last too long with out the source of income as folks have heard this has been happened to other settlements in the area.


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