Grave Robberies on the Rise in Denver

DENVER, CO—Denver police report a number of graves has been illegally exhumed and robbed. Stranger yet, is the grave robbers take the bodies. The Denver law enforcement speculate that the bodies were taken for their gold teeth and other personal effects to be removed at the thieves’ hideout at their leisure, but this reporter suspects something far more sinister is afoot.

The Denver Sheriff’s department has issued a $50 bounty to anyone who puts a stop to these ghoulish hijinks.

Mysterious Cat Burglar Flees Chicago

CHICAGO, IL—Word has come of a strange story that recently took place in the Windy City. According to the local newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, a thief broke into the Chicago Museum of Fine Arts and made off with an ancient book. Museum curators describe the book as Arabic written work bound in scarred black leather that predates the crusades.

An armed security guard attempted to stop the thief, but the rogue stabbed the brave man with some sort of long jagged knife. According to the injured guard, the thief is described as “a young, wiry fellow with wild eyes, brown hair, a disheveled suit, and spectacles.” The guard believes that the burglar’s spectacles were broken in the shuffle. A man matching this description was spotted boarding a westbound Union Blue train.

Chicago authorities are urging citizens of the High Plains area to be watchful for man matching this description. The Museum is offering a $200 reward for the safe return of the stolen tome.

Grave Robberies on the Rise in Denver

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