Greenwood Man Found Drown in Field

GREENWOOD, ID—In this small logging town is the center of an investigation into the bizarre death of one Donald Johnson. The thirty-seven year old man was found face in his potato field by his wife early yesterday morning. Greenwood Doctor, James Richardson, determined the cause of death to be, quite strangely, drowning. Though how this could be possible remains unclear since the nearest body of water is some half a mile away and no tracks other than Mr. Johnson were found.

The only crews at the site of this grisly scene the area around the body was extremely wet and muddy as if it had rained. Yet Greenwood reported no rain for a month. When pressed for information,Sheriff Talbot Thomas responded that there was nothing found to indicate fowl play and was quotes, “How a man drowns on dry land is beyond me, but that’s what the good doc said happened, and he ain’t been wrong before. We’ll keep lookin’ into this, though. Don was a good friend of mine.”

Doctor James Richardson commented, “This entire event is rather strange. It appears that Mr. Johnson drowned n the middle of his field. The only water nearby was the small puddle that he was found in. Yet I found no mud in mouth and nose that would indicate he collapsed in the puddle and drown there. The last check up of Don found he was in remarkably good condition and perfectly healthy.”

When interviewing neighbors and his wife it was discovered that Mr. Johnson was plagued by problems recently. The lack of rain has caused his crops to suffer. His wife spoke of his worry that there might not be enough to make it through the winter. Just two nights ago, a stranger attempted to steal his horse, but ran off when Mr. Johnson confronted the would-be thief with a shotgun. The assailant managed to escape with no description.

The residents of this quiet town have been shocked to the bone by this occurrence. The entire town seems to have a dark cloud of fear looming over it from this occurrence. No details have been forthcoming however. It seems strange that this tranquil region would be afflicted with such a strange circumstance. Perhaps soon there will be an explanation that will hold water.

Greenwood Man Found Drown in Field

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