Harrowed Hindrances

The world of the Harrowed allows a whole bunch of new Hindrances for the player to pick from. If they player wishes to they may change out any Hindrances they have for Harrowed ones for free. After all, dying really does change a man’s perspective on things. That said, the player should make the Hindrance change fairly logical and the Marshal has final say so.

Aura o Death (Minor)
Some Harrowed characters wear their undeath like a shroud. People around them instinctively know there’s something disturbing about these folks, though they can’t quite put their finger on exactly what it is. Still, just as animals tend to slink away from the Harrowed, people avoid those with an undead aura. Animals tend to panic in their presence and won’t typically allow them near. This doesn’t keep them from whispering about the “creepy strangers” behind their backs, however. The Harrowed suffers a =4 to their Charisma. The Marshal should role play the Harrowed’s general effect on people. It’s much harder for him to form relationships, get information, and ask for help.

Degeneration (Major/Minor)
When a manitou enters a corpse and creates a Harrowed, its supernatural energy does more than simply bring that body back to life. Its animating power also makes the body resistant to damage, and it quickly regenerates the flesh when wounds are suffered. Still, undead flesh can’t help but stink a little.

For whatever reason, some manitous either don’t care to keep the flesh pickled or just can’t manage it. The Harrowed still heals with supernatural quickness, but his body resumes the process of decay, though perhaps very slowly. The degeneration Hindrance represents that situation. As a Minor Hindrance the Harrowed has an
unhealthy grayness to his complexion. His eyes are dull, and the odor of decay is quite noticeable and they suffer a -4 to their Charisma. As a benefit, they add +2 to all Intimation rolls. As a Major Hindrance, it is obvious that the Harrowed is the walking dead. The now cause Fear effects to any that witness them.

Players who choose this Hindrance for their Harrowed should keep in mind that living creatures (human or animal) react very poorly to the sight of a decaying corpse up and moving about. They’re especially particular about obvious cadavers. To disguise his condition, the rotten apple needs some heavy clothing and a load of perfume or whiskey to mask his mortuary stench.

Mark o the Devil
Certain folks can see right through the taut skin of the undead to the rotten, worm-riddled core. That’s when they can get a glimpse of the manitou sitting there and stare straight into the eyes of Hell.

On the other hand, some Harrowed seem to wear their damnation like a shiny tin star—at least to people who know what they’re looking for.

This Hindrance means anyone with the arcane background Edge—or at least 3 levels in academia: occult—has a chance to see the evil demon wriggling around inside your hero, no matter how good he looks or what kind of disguise he might be using. There’s just no way of properly hiding from prying eyes with the right sort of education.

Mad scientists are an exception. They have to have academia: occult at level 3 or more to see the mark o’ the Devil, despite their arcane background. Scientific types just don’t tend to see these things unless they’ve researched them on their own.

Whenever a person with one of the above qualifications gets within a few feet of your hero, she can make a scrutinize roll versus the manitou’s Spirit. The viewer can add the level of your Hindrance to her roll.

If successful, the viewer sees some sign of the manitou in your hero—perhaps the Harrowed’s eyes glow red or the watcher can see the manitou’s hideous face peeking out at her. Needless to say, such folks won’t trust your character until he’s burning on a stake.

Unnatural Appetite (Major/Minor)
Here’s a delightful habit. For some inexplicable reason, a rare few Harrowed develop a craving for one thing or another that, while technically edible, thoroughly disgusts most people.

Your character must eat the item of his craving at least once a day. For each day that he goes without that item, he loses 2 Wind. This damage cannot be recovered except by gorging on the item he craves. For each day he spends eating that item again, he avoids suffering any more damage and regains 1d6 points of lost Wind.

The level of the Hindrance depends on just how disgusting your appetite is. Once you eat someone’s tongue, your companions are likely to think that snacking on scorpions is a step up. Some examples of disgusting vittles are listed below.

New Harrowed Edges

The following are an expanded list of Edges available to Harrowed characters in addition to ones listed in the Deadlands Reloaded Player’s Guide. For Harrowed characters, these are bought just like Edges with the exception of their first Harrowed Edge. The Marshal takes a look at the newly Harrowed character and compares it to the Edges disposition to select the character’s first Harrowed Edge. It is important to note that many of the Edges become more powerful the higher Rank the Harrowed character is. It is also important to mention every Edge purchased strengthens the manitou cohabiting with the Harrowed as the character is allowing more energy from the Hunting Grounds to pass through them.

Each Edge is listed by name as well as the requirements for purchase. Dispositions are Traits or Hindrances the Harrowed has that allows the Marshal to select their first Harrowed power. After the first Edge, the player is free to select additional Edges as normal.

Bad Mojo
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
Dispositions: Bad luck, Doubting Thomas, Quirk: Intolerance
Through their manitous’ connection with the Hunting Grounds, some Harrowed are able to interfere with a huckster’s hex-casting ability. The Harrowed’s manitou talks with the manitous hovering about the Huckster, and the poor hexcaster finds himself wrestling a little harder for his magical powers.

The character can force an opposed Spirit roll with a huckster attempting to cast a hex. If the Huckster wins, nothing happens. However, if the harrowed wins, the huckster is forced to Deal With the Devil and loses the Power Points intended for the spell. In the case of the Huckster already Dealing With the Devil, the huckster now has to draw as many cards as the Harrowed has Grit. While under the effect of this power, the red joker is treated as the black joker.

Needless to say, this Edge doesn’t much endear Harrowed to hucksters. More than one huckster has been killed by the effects of this Edge.

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
Dispositions: Aura o’ death, Bad Eyes, Death Wish, Quirk: Unnatural Appetite, Ugly: Degeneration
This Edge allows the Harrowed to move through the earth with unbelievable speed. She doesn’t dig her way through the muck so much as it moves out of her way by means of professional courtesy. As one who’s likely spent some time sleeping with the worms directly after her original demise, the Harrowed is able to move the very earth out of her underground path by sheer force of will.

Many Harrowed with this power first figure it out when they try clawing their way out of a not-so-shallow grave that they just happen to have found themselves buried in. Instead of having to scratch and dig toward the surface, the dirt just skirts aside for them like an old friend met on the street.

As ways to start your second chance on this old Earth go, it’s not a bad one—given the alternative. Some Harrowed without this power have found themselves trapped in a grave that
was made a bit better than the manitou inside them had realized. Needless to say, this makes for some awfully angry manitous. They get out eventually, and they’re ready for blood then.

This isn’t to say that the dirt doesn’t touch the Harrowed. In fact, it clings to them like a long lost lover. A Harrowed that burrows to the surface is sure to be encrusted with soil and covered with all sorts of tiny creatures that dwell within it:worms, millipedes, insects, and such.

The more powerful a Harrowed is, the faster she can move through the soil and the tougher the kind of earth it can move through. Strangely, however, a Harrowed can never burrow deeper than six feet down (although it can burrow directly up if it happens to be lower than that). The Harrowed can move their Pace Burrowing +1 for every Rank (Novice +1, Seasoned +2, etc.). Every round the Harrowed burrows faster than her Pace, she must make a Smarts roll or get lost.

If a Harrowed is lost under the earth, it’s up to the Marshal where she ends up. A burrower’s inner ear tells her which direction is up, but otherwise she’s just lost. If the Harrowed goes bust on her Smarts roll, then she doesn’t even know she’s lost. She definitely going to be in for a big surprise when she resurfaces

No matter what the Harrowed’s Rank, it’s impossible to burrow through anything solid, be it a large boulder, a steel plate, or a wooden wall. Basically, if it ain’t dirt, it ain’t moving.

Charnel Breath
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
Dispositions: Big mouth, Degeneration, Grim Servant o’ Death, Habit, Heavy Sleeper, Mean, Quirk: Unnatural Appetite
Most folks don’t believe in supernatural things like the walking dead. Those who do expect that even if the dead do walk, they surely don’t breathe (and they don’t have to if they don’t want to, although it sure comes in handy when trying to talk to someone). Anyone who’s met a Harrowed with this power definitely wishes they didn’t.

Charnel breath is the ability to dredge up all the worst stench of decay in a Harrowed’s body, supernaturally fester it even further in a bare moment, and blow it out all over an unsuspecting target within arm’s reach. The victim must make a Vigor roll or take a level of Fatigue (2 levels on a roll of 1 or less) as a result, partly from the corrosive effect of the gas on eyes, nasal passages, and windpipe, and partly from the violent retching that it produces. The stench is enough to make even those in the room wrinkle their noses and hold their breaths until a breeze can clear the place of the noxious fumes. The Harrowed Rank (1 hour/rank) determines how low it takes to recover from this attack.

This power can only be used on a victim within an arm’s length of the breather (about 3 feet). Beyond that reach, charnel breath does little more than offend. Note that nonliving beings are immune to this particular power, though they still won’t likely appreciate a ghastly belch in the face.

Dead Man’s Hand
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
Dispositions: Aura o’ Death, Curious, Mark o’ the Devil, One Arm, Stealth
Harrowed with this power can continue to control their own severed limbs for short periods of time, even if they’re out of sight. The Harrowed could cut off his hand and let it run around a room on its own, or give an eyeball to a compadre so the Harrowed can spy on what’s going on when he doesn’t happen to be around. The undead typically only remove hands or eyes for use with this power but are not limited to only these body parts. It just doesn’t make much sense, to slice off your foot and send it after someone.

The Edge allows the Harrowed to creates Animated Hands (see The Marshal’s Handbook page XX) for stats. The Harrowed must concentrate performing no other action to use these limbs and even suffers a -4 to Notice checks. For every Rank of the Harrowed they can control an additional limb.

Dead Reckoning
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
Dispositions: Death Wish, Grim Servant o’ Death, Veteran o’ the Weird West
Several of the Harroweds’ powers center upon corpses and graveyards. But what’s a fellow to do when he wants to raise an undead posse, but there just isn’t any sign pointing to the local boot hill? Well, that’s when the dead reckoning power is useful.

Dead reckoning is the ability to sense the direction to the nearest human corpse. It may lead you to the undertaker’s shop or a cemetery or just the site of a recent bush-whacking, or it might even lead you to a walking corpse, whether that be a zombie or even another Harrowed. It all just depends upon what’s closest.

As far as dead reckoning is concerned, it doesn’t matter how far away that nearest corpse is; the power just points a direction. All that matters is that the body still has at least some flesh on its bones. Dead reckoning can’t lock onto bare bones.

Fortunately for the Harrowed, once he arrives at the corpse he sensed, the Edge can be redirected to point the way to the next nearest corpse. This way, if he doesn’t find exactly what he’s looking for the first time, he can go looking someplace else.

As a Harrowed gains Ranks, he also begins to gain some sense of the distance to the corpse being sensed, and the condition of that corpse. At Novice, the Harrowed can gauge the corpse’s direction only. No indication of distance is given. At Seasoned, the Harrowed knows the direction and rough distance of the nearest corpse, within a 50% margin of error. (A corpse 10 miles away might seem to be as little as five miles distant or as much as 15.) At Veteran, the Harrowed knows the direction, rough
distance, and basic condition of the corpse (about how many days it has been dead). At Heroic, The Harrowed knows the direction, precise distance (within a 10% margin of error), and rough condition of the corpse). Finally at Legendary, the Harrowed knows the direction, precise distance, and precise condition of the corpse (how long it has been dead, its death wounds, how much it has decayed, and if it has been reanimated somehow).

This Edge can also come in handy to recognize Harrowed that are posing as living, breathing folks. Assuming the Harrowed is the only corpse nearby, it usually works like a charm. All you’ve got to do is turn it on. If the nearest corpse is a lot farther away than the fellow you’re curious about, then you know he’s not walking around when he should be sleeping with the worms.

Picking a Harrowed out of a graveyard, though, is darn near next to impossible. The power is certain to pick up the corpses in the ground rather than the target. Of course, if you’re standing close enough to touch the person in question, then the power should work. Your hero had just better pray that, if the target actually is Harrowed, he’s friendly too. Not a lot of people would be willing to lay money on that.

Death Bond
Requirements: Seasoned, Harrowed

Death Mask
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Devil’s Touch
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Veteran, Harrowed

Evil Eye
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Fast as Death
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Ferryman’s Fee
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Hell Beast
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Hell Wind
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Luck o’ the Draw
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed, Arcane Background, Huckster

Marked For Death
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Legendary, Harrowed

Rigor Mortis
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Silent as a Corpse
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Skull Chucker
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Sleep o’ the Dead
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Soul Flight
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Speakin’ with the Dead
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Trackin’ Teeth
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Undead Contortion
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Unholy Host
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Unholy Reflexes
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Voice o’ the Damned
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed

Varmint Control
Requirements: Novice, Harrowed


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