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Idaho is a territory mark by contrasts with both lush evergreen forests stretching for hundreds of miles to otherworldly volcanic wastelands and hot springs. The region also has deep river canyons. The climate is much the same as the inland Pacific Northwest with misty and rainy in the summers and snowy and frigid in winters.

Some parts of Idaho, like the aptly named the Craters of the Moon, appear as if they could be located on another planet. Bounded to the west by the winding, desolate canyon of the Snake River, and to the east by the Continental Divide, Idaho is rugged territory home to only the most stalwart settlers, trappers, and loggers, as well as the native tribes who have lived there for much longer—the Bannock and Nez Percé tribes in the southeast, and the Shoshone also known as “rattlesnake men” in the wilderness of the north.


Clearwater Battle Site The location of a major battle between the Union Army and the Nez Peirce Indians
Craters of the Moon Strange lava fields in the Snake River Plain of Central Idaho
Hell’s Canyon A deep canyon that forms part of the border between Idaho and Oregon near the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers
The Oregon Trail
Seven Devils Mountains A small mountain range east of the Snake River near the border of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
The Snake River


Alder Creek A small lumber and mining town in the mountain forests
Boise A major stop along the Oregon Trail
Coeur d’Alene
Crystal Falls
Dunlevy Mining Company Camp A ghost rock mining camp on the Snake River south the of the Seven Devils Mountain
Silver City

Bounty Board

This area is a list of all the paying jobs that a posse could reasonable find at a post office, news paper, or message board during their travels through the region. Any links to the listing are for the players to research a little closer to discuss with the other players about the possibility of following up on.

  • Wanted: Mormon Jake, kicked out of the Deseret army for adultery. Clean-shaven, simple dresser. Wholesome except for violence and women. Smiles a lot. $200 Bounty.
  • Wanted: Edith Hargrove, freckle-faced and mannish. She cusses constantly. She likes fire a little too much and has a habit of cutting open shotgun shells to light the powder on fire. $300 Alive.
  • Wanted: Dagwood Bethesda, a retired Union officer. He wears a saber and has one wooden foot. He likes to gamble and always tries to bet his foot. $100 Bounty.


MARSHAL’S ONLY: These are not for players to read unless they have accomplished the adventure already (and have the Marshal’s go ahead) and want to get a look behind the scenes. For published adventures, most of what is here are notes concerning the adventure such as locations, major NPCs, possible trouble spots, and optional things that change the adventure. For original adventures, it is the actual adventure.

Cult of the Deep A Tombstone Epitaph article adventure that starts in Greenwood
Lycanthopes and Lycanthropes A Tombstone Epitaph article adventure that starts in Crystal Falls
Scare Crow A One Sheet adventure that starts in Alder Creek
Seven Devils Plot Point adventure #3 of The Winter War Campaign in the Trail Guide: The Great Northwest


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