Jenkins Expedition Disappears without a Trace

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—The Jenkins Expedition has been officially declared missing! A spokesman fro Dr. Hellstromme annoced today that the expedition’s return was weeks overdue and all attempts to locate the group have failed. The search fro the missing scientist is being called off. Hellstromme has not given up entirely on the ill-fated Expedition, however, as the company is offering a $1000 reward for any information which leads to unraveling the group’s fate.

The Jenkins Expedition, led by Dr. Claudius P. Jenkins, left Salt Lake City nearly two months ago. Their goal: use the latest scientific methods and inventions to locate, track, and kill a Mojave Rattle. Dr. Jenkins firmly believed that, like the whale, the Mojave Rattle could be hunted and exploited for its meat, oil, and other products.

The departure of the expedition for the Mojave was quite a spectacle. The group’s equipment fill five large steam wagons. These impressive vehicles were the latest models and had been custom outfitted for the expedition. Each wagon had over-sized wheels to give better handling in the loose sand and a raised fighting platform near on the read, equipped with powerful lanterns and a large harpoon gun. In addition to these, the caravan boasted four steam velocipedes and an ornitotper. Most of this equipment was donated by D. Hellstromme, the expedition sponsor. It made fro quite an impressive display of what new science can achieve as the group steamed its way out of the city.

The expedition boasted more than just an imprssive array of modern equipment. Dr. Jenkins was a well-known scientist who had created many useful inventions for daily life. He was probably best known for his Amazing Clockwork De-Moler. Accompanying him on the trip was the famous (some would say infamous) gunslinger, Lockjaw McGraw, and last minute addition worm hunter Charlie “Cutter” Waxman. He has spent many years in the Badlands of South Dakota trapping young rattlers for their hides.

Hellstromme sponsored the expedition in hopes that if it met with success they could start larger scale operations for commercial enterprises. Similar to the ones now conducted by salt rattler hunting companies.

Recent sand storm hampered searchers’ efforts. We can only hope that the expedition has simply become lost and those sent in search of it simply looked in the wrong place. Unfortunately, the dangerous nature of the expedition’s quarry can only lead one to think the worst. Let’s pray the 25 men and women of the Jenkins Expedition are soon found.

Jenkins Expedition Disappears without a Trace

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