Minnesota joined the Union a scant three years before the war began, but it has always been a loyal supporter of the Union cause. In fact, it was the first state to send troops to the Union Army. Unfortunately this caused problems back home since as soon as the 22,000 soldiers headed south, the neighboring Sioux took it upon themselves to attack.

Ever since, Minnesota has had on-again off again problems with the Sioux Nations, although nothing too major since the 1860’s. Like Wisconsin, Minnesota is a valuable source of resources for the Union war effort. The state provides lumber, iron ore, and grain to fuel the war effort and feed the hungry people of the North.

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Bounty Board

This area is a list of all the paying jobs that a posse could reasonable find at a post office, news paper, or message board during their travels through the region. Any links to the listing are for the players to research a little closer to discuss with the other players about the possibility of following up on.

  • $1000 Reward For the head of Lief Johnson, the Viking leader, By Royal decree of her Majesty Queen Victoria of Britain


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