The Great Basin
Lake Tahoe


Carson City
Cedar City
Dry Rot
Fort 51
Ponderosa Ranch
Silver City
Virgina City

Bounty Board

This area is a list of all the paying jobs that a posse could reasonable find at a post office, news paper, or message board during their travels through the region. Any links to the listing are for the players to research a little closer to discuss with the other players about the possibility of following up on.

  • Wanted: Big Smith, Gang Leader, wanted for murder, train robbery, cattle rustling, and general mischief. Territorial Governor of Nevada is offering $1000 alive. Rumor has it that Big has taken to wearing a hat with a head band made of cash in the same amount as his bounty on his head.
  • Wanted: “Pistol” Pete Hutter, Pistol Pete is sought of for murder, bank robbery, cattle rustling, horse robbery, lewd behavior, and bad singing Territorial Governor of Nevada is offering $750 alive, $100 Dead, $350 for Pete’s Piece
  • Cattle Drive The Cartwright family at the Ponderosa Ranch near Virginia City seeking ranch hands and cowboys to drive cattle to California, Idaho, and Oregon. Pay is $60 a month.
  • Easy Money for photographs and other evidence of the goings on at Fort 51. Pay based on information.
  • Join the Army! Become a soldier in the United States Army today! Good pay! room! and board! Enlist at your local fort or post now!


MARSHAL’S ONLY: These are not for players to read unless they have accomplished the adventure already (and have the Marshal’s go ahead) and want to get a look behind the scenes. For published adventures, most of what is here are notes concerning the adventure such as locations, major NPCs, possible trouble spots, and optional things that change the adventure. For original adventures, it is the actual adventure.

Look Whose Coming to Donner from the Adventure Module of the same name


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