People Of Nephi, Returned

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—“According to the Book of Mormon, the people who fled Jerusalem and came to America were the Nephites. Most supposedly died in an epic battle with the Lamaites a thousand years ago.

Now it seems some of those fine folks are back and checking out their descendants new city. Residents between 4th street and 3rd West Street claim they’ve seen a ghostly mob of people at night. The people are wearing ancient clothing and marveling at the modern buildings. One fellow attempted to talk to them, and another tried to touch them, but each time they vanished.

Brigham Young postulates they are the spirits of the people of Nephi come home to Canaan.“

Well there is other persons who say less that positive thing about the origins of these ghostly persons, but as of yet no one has discovered anything concrete.

The Twelfth Wonder of the World?

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Ever wanted to head out to Ackensack, but the drive is too long and slow, besides cost too much, well Professor McCellan’s Electric Stage take you their! As this reporter will say, the ride I had was better than any stagecoach I been in.

The large, enclosed coach with no hitch or buckboard is an odd site for sure. The wide wheels are entirely made of steel with thick copper wire around the outside. Four thin pieces of copper protrude from under the carriage and slightly bend against the spokes of the wheels. The inside is as plush as a first class train car with seats for eight. And the ride!, there must be a hundred springs and shock absorbers between the fanny and the axle.

McCellen is good to his word too, the stage made it to Ackensack in five hours and forty-seven minutes by my watch

People Of Nephi, Returned

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