Railroad Saboteur Massacre!

from The Rocky Mountain News

article by Annabel Hardin

DENVER, CO—Railroad workers of the Denver Pacific Railroad were shocked to find the dead bodies of eight men just ahead of the DP rail head yesterday. Judging by the evidence at the scene, the deceased desperadoes were setting a deadly ambush for the Denver Pacific work gangs expected to be in the area for general maintenance of the next few days. Investigators discovered eplosives rigged into the face of a cliff beneath the purposed Denver Pacific work camp site.

Denver Police are reluctant to discuss details of this dastardly deed. They say that only eight men appeared to have been shot to death in their sleep. However, from one of this reporter’s trusted contacts, another story unfolds. This contrary story is the men were in fact very much awake. The source is quoted, “When we found ‘em it looked like as if there had been a right big fight in their camp. All their guns includin’ their hoglegs was out o’ bullets. What ever they been a fightin’ musta soaked up most the lead as we didn’t find what the workers been shootin’ at.” This reporters source when on to describe in rather gruesome detail how the bodies of the dead workers lay scattered around the work camp like broken dolls. “All that and one man’s tracks enterin’ and leaving’ the camp. I ain’t never seen nothing like it in all my days.”

DP spokesman Otis Robertson issued this statement when identifying the eight men as Denver Pacific workers. “We’ve continually had trouble with sabotage despite formally announcing that Denver Pacific, a subsidiary of Smith & Robards, has no interest in the prize for the first Trans-Continental Railroad. We were lucky to have discover the entirety of the plot to blow up the work camp before the saboteurs could finish. While this was tragedy, the impact could have been much worse. I would like to extend gratitude to the USA and their Agents who investigated the matter.”

It is still unknown who was behind this cowardly act and this reporter is suspicious of how nicely the official story wrapped up. When questioned on the wildly differing stories between the Denver Police and that of my contact, Alvin Thomas with the US Marshals had this to say, “In tragedies such these, it is only natural for the mind to concoct some story of a supernatural force of evil was to blame rather than the evil of found in the hearts of some men. There was nothing strange about the killings other than the fact that all perpetrators managed to escape. Anything else you hear is balderdash.”

Why the obvious cover up? Who is to blame? Wasatch Rails, a subsidiary of Hellstromme Industries, Ltd. has been a long time enemy to Denver Pacific and probably had the most to gain. However, any of the other Rail Barons that have hubs in Denver would benefit greatly by taking charge of the Denver Pacific lines if they were sold.

Weeks later,

CORRECTIONS—In the article Railroad Saboteur Massacre! This honorable newspaper speculates a improbable conspiracy and alludes to the fine folks over at Wasatch Rails as being involved in some nefarious designs. We here at The Rocky Mountain News would like to deeply apologize for any inferred liable on the part of Miss Annabel Hardin. Miss Hardin over stepped her bounds and we here are above the journalistic standards of lesser rags such as the Tombstone Epitaph. Miss Hardin has been let go for her part in this wild and fantastic flight of fancy.

Railroad Saboteur Massacre!

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