Travelers Found Dead in Nebraska

TABLE ROCK, NB—The bodies of two unknown travelers were found in the woods outside of Table Rock. The men carried no documentation or inscribed possession which might give a clue as to their identities. The manner of their death has made the bodies themselves unidentifiable. According to Dr. Hardaway, the local physician, much of their flesh seems to have been burned off or dissolved off, possibly by acid.

According to the good doctor, both bodies were those of men between the ages of 20 and 40. Little could be told from the fragments of clothing recovered, other than the men were dressed as typical cowboys. Pistols were found on the ground near the bodies. A number of shots had been fired from each, so it seems as if the two had gone down fighting.

Who or what could have caused this horrible crime? The Table Rock Marshal is offering a $20 dollar reward for information uncovering this grisly mystery.

Cleanup Continues

TABLE ROCK, NB—The residents of the sleepy town are still dealing with the aftermath of the tremendous battle between Union Blue and Wasatch Rails forces last week. Most of the bodies have been collected and buried, but there is still a tremendous amount of twisted metal left over. The majority of this debris resides in Grover Gorrel’s pasture. He has hauled some away, but there is still quite a bit left. Says he, “Anyone who needs some scrap metal is welcome to this stuff, free of charge. I’m going to be a while cleaning up this pasture, there’s some kind of greenish goop all over the place that stinks to high heaven. Whatever it is, it’s spooking my cattle. They won’t go near the stuff and they stopped giving milk.”

In related news, the damage to the Union Blue rails has been repaired and the company’s trains have resumed their normal schedule in the area.

Travelers Found Dead in Nebraska

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