Two More Dead as Midnight Saloon Murders Continue

KANSAS CITY, MO—In the worst such incident to hit Kansas City in sometime, two people turned up dead in their hotel rooms in the Gilded Lily Saloon last night. The condition of the bodies was best described by deputy, Elroy Henderson, who discovered them after being sent to see why the patron failed to pay his bill by checkout time. Deputy Henderson, when asked what he saw, turned pale and retched violently.

This is the fifth in as many weeks. The first occurred in the Hero’s Welcome Saloon across town five Friday’s ago. The mistress of the house, Emily Rothendale, somehow got herself violently strewn all over her room in a scene of carnage. Her last known whereabouts were upstairs at the saloon. Apparently, She personally entertained an unidentified patron of the house just before midnight.

Descriptions of the patron were unreliable. It seems the patrons of the Hero’s Welcome were drinking pretty hard that night as all witness describe a different person. The only part of Miss Rothendale intact was her head, found thoughtfully place on a platter on her bureau. Her bedroom remains sealed as the time of this writing. The Hero’s Welcome is still closed. The sheriff says he is no closer to an answer then he was when the murder first took place.

The first killing at the Gilded Lily was a male patron identified as Wallance Connery, woke up dead in his room four Sundays ago. Connery, a well known drunkard and frequenter of the saloon, reportedly had a real hankering for the fairer sex, and none too gentle hand. Not surprisingly, witness last reported him in the company of a saloon gal and staggering up the stairs to the second floor rooms. To date, the identity of the woman remains a mystery, and again, descriptions were unreliable. Connery was found with his eyes gouged out, and other less discrete portions of his anatomy missing. The location of these parts remains unknown.

The most recent incidents appears to be similar to the first two in all respects save an apparent escalation of violence and the macabre. Each took place in a saloon. The third victim a woman was decapitated and mutilated, while the forth, a man, had his eyes gouged out, and… well, you know, removed. In fact, the only apparent difference between this killing and the ones before it, seem to to be the number of victims killed. Edna Mellons (a more accurate name you’ll never see), a local saloon gal, and Louis Davis a cowboy for the Double Q Ranch. Witnesses report each of them going upstairs with another person.

The Texas Rangers appear to be interested in the murderers, but refused to talk to this reporter. The Sheriff has issued a bounty of $500 to whomever brings this maniac to justice.

Donations Sought for Tombstone

Kansas City, MO—Donations are being sought to purchase a tombstone for Sally Macaphee, a dancer and the Golden Circle Saloon. Miss Macaphee was murdered early last month by unknown assailant. A passerby who wishes to remain anonymous discovered her body behind the Myerhoff’s Stables. Interested parties should inquire at the Golden Circle. Their generosity is appreciated.

Local Cowboy Still Missing

Kansas City, MO—The search continues for missing ranch hand Eric “Red” Buck. He apparently vanished almost two months ago. His employer at the Double Q Ranch claim it is uncharacteristic of him to up and leave like that, especially two days before his monthly pay.

Two More Dead as Midnight Saloon Murders Continue

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