Veteran o' the Weird West

This list is an updated to Reloaded version from a fan that posted it way back in the Classic days on the original Pinnacle website.


Deuce Soul Sympathy: You have looked into the eyes of death and tasted its pain. Whenever you deliver the deathblow to a creature (such as humans, dogs, abomination, etc.) you fall to the ground in agonizing pain for 1-10 rounds as you feel the creatures soul rip through your guts. This doesn’t actually cause any damage to you but is very inconvenient.
Three Slow Learner: Perhaps you’ve been Kicked in the head by one too many mules, or book learning never was your style. Either way, you may not turn in White Chips for bounty.
Four Forsaken: Long ago, you did something horrid to survive your encounter with the supernatural. Ever since, the spirit world wouldn’t aid you on a bet. No beneficial supernatural effect works on your character. Bad magic fries you normally.
Five Black Magic Pact: For some reason whether on purpose or by accident you made a pact with the powers of darkness. You must commit an evil act once per session or gain no bounty.
Six Tainted: Evil follows you like the plague, wherever you are fear rises. The fear level of wherever you are rises by +2 up to level 6, but only while you are visible. By the way this fear affects you also and is constantly in affect.
Seven Jinxed: Something you encountered cursed you. Your luck’s fine, but your companions suffer minor mishaps constantly and act as if they had the bad luck Hindrance.
Eight Dark Soul: You’ve been hardened by all the bloodshed you’ve seen and it’s marked your soul. You will never take prisoners alive and surrender is not an option for your enemy.
Nine Paranoid: You’ve seen things your weren’t meant to know. Your afraid of the dark, afraid to sleep alone, afraid to wander out of camp to relieve yourself, etc.
Ten Darkness Magnet: Abominations will seek you out for destruction and can usually detect your presence within a mile area. If possible they will attack you over other targets.
Jack Shattered Nerves: Your no longer a people person, whenever you make an opposed roll versus persuasion, ridicule or overawe your base TN is 10 instead of 5.
Queen Ravenous: In the weird west food can be a bit hard to find at times. You’ve spent many days without food. You’re always hungry and can only eat fresh meat or else you will sicken and die.
King Haunted Dreams: Insomniacs get more sleep than you do. You have night terrors.
Ace Blackouts: Sometimes during the heat of battle you just blackout. Whenever you draw the Black Joker during an action round for initiative, then you lose all your cards, including any sleeved card.


Deuce Fate’s Fool: Lady luck has turned her fickle back on you. You may not spend Fate Chips to modify any die rolls. You may still use Fate Chips on special affects, for bounty and to reduce wounds.
Three Fearful: In your travels you’ve seen things that would curl the hair on a grizzly’s behind. You suffer a –4 to all guts rolls.
Four Bad Karma: You must have done something pretty bad in the past because now it’s catching up to you. You may only have a maximum of 8 Fate Chips at any one time, all others must be discarded.
Five Mundane Touch: You never believed in mysterious relics anyway. Relics simple have no special powers in your hands, although if they possess any taints they work just fine. Oh, by the way they work just fine against you.
Six Flashbacks: You’ve seen a lot of death and dying and the so called glory of war. Often your mind will flashback to the violence you’ve make a hard (9) Spirit roll or suffer –4 to all your actions until the situation has been resolved.
Seven Bollixed: You’ve got a bad case of the gremlins. These buggers infest every device the you touch, including guns. Every mechanical item you use has a Reliability of 19. Devices which were previously prone to malfunction lower their Reliability by –1. If you can go by without touching a mechanical device for one year, the gremlins get bored and go away.
Eight Swollen Joints: You have had a hard life and it shows, you often feel like maybe you’ve joined the ranks of the walking dead. It’s difficult for you to move, because of this all Quickness, Strength and Vigor rolls are made at a –2 penalty.
Nine Debt: Either the Agency or Texas Rangers has something on you that could make you swing if revealed. They frequently recruit you for the roughest assignments. Refusing is bad. Neither type usually ask nicely, or takes no for an answer.
Ten Infected: The last creature you tussled with left a mark that won’t go away. You have some sort of strange wound that give you the ailin’: chronic Hindrance.
Jack Fragile: You have suffered many depredations; hunger, war, and disease just to name a few and it has taken its toll on your body. You have wasted away to a former of the man you once where. This gives you have the scrawny Hindrance.
Queen Sacrifice: Fate will sometimes help you but it always demands a high price. Whenever you use a Legend Chip for anything except bounty it’s gone from the pot.
King Malevolent Aura: A past brush with evil has rubbed off. Lights dim and the temperature drops when you enter a room. People usually go out of their way to avoid you. You get a +2 to overawe rolls and a –4 to persuasion, animal wranglin’ and teamster rolls.
Ace Howling Voice: Many a soldier or greenhorn won’t listen unless their being screamed at. You’re so used to yelling that everything you speak comes out as if you’re shouting. This makes communication while sneaking a bitch!


Deuce Marked for Death: Some intelligent and phenomenally evil abomination from your past uttered a dying curse. You may not spend fate Chips of any kind to negate damage, or even regain wind.
Three Unhinged: You’ve seen indescribable horror and are close to the brink of madness, perhaps one more horror and you will be undone. Whenever you fail a guts roll add +10 to the result of the Scart table.
Four Bad Heart: How you’ve made it this far is anyone’s guess, with terrible chest pains. You now have the tuckered Hindrance at level 3 or +3 up to level 5, whichever is higher. Also if you ever botch a guts roll, you have a heart attack as indicated on the Scart table.
Five Maimed: One of you limbs is maimed or entirely missing. Roll a d6. On 1-2 you are lame: limp, on 3-4, your lame: crippled, and on 5-6, you’ve lost your non-weapon hand and are a one-armed bandit.
Six Aura o’ Death: You must have been touched by the Angel of Death because around you is an almost visible aura o’ death. Animals and small children that are around you are treated as if they have the ailin’: fatal Hindrance, until you’ve been out of their presence for a day or so.
Seven Deaf: Some event or abomination has stolen your sense of hearing. You now have the bad ears: stone deaf Hindrance.
Eight Shell Shocked: You’ve seen one too many horrors of war. During combat you only get a card if you have at least one success on initiative and if you bust then your surprised for that round.
Nine Hallucinations: Sometimes the mind just snaps for a few moments. Congratulation you have one of those minds, you often see things that aren’t really there. The Marshal decides when these hallucinations occur, the more often the better.
Ten Cursed to Wander: An abomination has cursed you. Anytime you’re in a place for more than a few weeks, the people you care about in that place start
to die in slow and painful ways. If you don’t become attached to people innocent people become sick and die with all signs pointing toward you.
Jack Addicted: You’d like to forget the things you’ve seen out there. You have a severe hankerin’ for alcohol or a drug.
Queen Supernatural Susceptibility: Your resistance to bad supernatural effects has been almost completely worn down. Any bad supernatural effect gains either +2 damage dice or +2 raises whichever is higher.
King Defilement: You have touched hell and it has touched you back, you may not enter a holy place. If the character attempt to enter a holy place he suffers 8d10 damage to his guts.
Ace Trouble Maker: Whether it’s the way you carry yourself or your cynical attitude, people don’t like your kind around and aren’t afraid to let you know it. You have the grim servant o’ death Hindrance.


Deuce Cursed: Your very soul was cursed by one of the insidious creatures you left in your terror-filled past. You draw only one chip at the beginning of each play session.
Three Aura o’ Destruction: You’ve seen so much destruction and so many ghost towns that it has warped your very soul. Every session roll a d20 on a 19 or 20 a random item you own or care for has fallen apart and cannot be repaired.
Four Scarred for Life: The things you’ve seen have left you speechless. You no longer speak, but will communicate by other means. You’ve been struck mute.
Five Lycanthropy: During that time of the month (that is the full moon), you completely blackout and wake up in torn and tattered clothes. You’re now a werewolf or other type of lycanthrope. If your discovered you’re in trouble, BIG TROUBLE! See Rascals, Varmits and Critters II for complete rules.
Six Plague Carrier: You carry an unknown disease in your body that doesn’t harm you, but causes others around you to be sick. Other survivors in your party have ailin; chronic Hindrance while you’re around.
Seven Voices: You’ve dealt with one too many abominations and often hear the howling of demons inside your skull. With all that noise it’s hard for a fellow to think properly, all Cognition, Knowledge and Smarts rolls are at a –2 penalty.
Eight Malevolent Force: You often feel as if some malevolent force is at work in your life and it’s trying to destroy you. Well congratulations, your right, it is. After initiative is rolled and all the cards have been dealt out the Marshal may swap any card of her choice except for a Joker with you.
Nine Parasite: Some bugs are hard to shake. You have some type of bizarre parasite, this parasite looks like a giant worm and can be seen crawling underneath your skin. It feeds upon your fear and every time you fail a guts roll, you lose your highest Fate Chip.
Ten Hunted: You didn’t finish the job. A group of cultist, vampires, or an abomination of some sorts is looking for you.
Jack Damaged Eyes: During your travels your vision was damaged beyond repair, not even glasses will fix the problem. You now have bad eyes: near blind Hindrance
Queen Disfigured: An abomination you encountered tried to rearrange your face. You’re ugly as sin.
King Insane: Something you saw gave you a major phobia (see the Scart Table).
Ace Puppet: The powers of darkness are using you in ways you don’t understand and your very presence helps set their plans in motion. Each session the Marshal gets to draw an extra chip to reflect their manipulations.

Red Joker

Eternal Hero: Fate chose your miserable soul to combat the forces of darkness across the centuries. Your have lived in other lives and sometimes have flashbacks to them, and occasionally they’re helpful. Whenever you are out of Fate Chips and about to die, making an incredible (11) Spirit roll allows you to somehow survive the situation. This is often not without tragic consequences however. Perhaps a dear friend or loved one takes the bullet for you instead. Fate can be a
cruel mistress.

Black Joker

Damned: Your hero crossed something that damned his mortal soul. At the beginning of each game, the Marshal must secretly draw a card. If it’s your old friend the black Joker, your character is going to die by the end of the current adventure. A good Marshal can make sure you go out in style though.

Veteran o' the Weird West

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