Wolfmen Spotted in Montana!

WOLF CREEK, MT—Two hunters, Jervis Farlow and Emmet Taylor, have made an amazing discovery. While tracking a herd of elk, the pair stumbled across the shattered remains of a camera. It didn’t look as if it had been there long, so the two both expert trackers, decided to search for the camera’s owner. They spent most of the day combing the area but turned up nothing. The two returned to town with what was left of the camera.

“I hated to give up, but it was gettin’ dark. Lately, it hasn’t bee safe to be out after dark around here. We’ve had a lot of problems with wolves. We’ve lost some livestock to ‘em and even had a few attacks on humans. Last winter was pretty harsh and thinned out the elf herds. I guess the wolves are just hungry is all. Plus, there have been a lot of Sioux warriors in the area of late, ya can’t hardly leave town without runin’ into one.” said Jarvis.

“We thought that whoever owned the camera might be hurt out there or something.” added Emmet. The hunters returned to the area the next day with some of their neighbors and continued the search but found nothing.

Chuck McSorley, the owner of the general store suggested that they take waht was left of the camera down to Helena and see if anything was salvageable. The hunter did so. They discovered that the camera was a Smith & Robard’s model Epitaph Camera. They found one plate that was still in good condition. When it the plate was developed, a blurry photograph was produced. Although, slightly out of focus, two human-like figures with wolf like features can be seen.

“I don’t know what to make up it.” said Jarvis, “I’ve spent most of my life in these hills and I’ve never seen anything like that even come close to what’s in the that picture.”

When asked if the search for the camera’s missing owner would continue, the local marshal LeRoy Stagg responded, “Nah, I think this thing’s all a great big hoax. Some pain-in-the-keister muckraker like yourself probably faked the picture and then smashed his camera up there in the hills, hoping people would find it and get all worked up. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t like having my leg pulled. If I find out who left that camera up there, I think I might just have to break out my trusty bullwhip.”

The marshal had no response when this reporter informed him that model of camera cost $1,600 off the showroom floor in Salt Lake City making it one hell of an expensive prank. As for Jervis Farlow and Emmet Taylor, they managed to sell the camera for $453.23. They tell me they still don’t know what to make of the photograph, but they are extra cautious in the wilderness because of it.

Wolfmen Spotted in Montana!

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