Chung Tzu

Maze Rat Warlock


Suspected Stats

Rank: Legendary XP:
Agility: d6 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d6 Strength: d6 Vigor: d6
Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: 0 Grit: +1



Driving d6, Fighting d6, Gambling d6, Guts d6, Investigation d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge: Occult d6, Mad Science d6, Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Survival d6, Tracking d6

Personal Gear: Carried: 5 Max Weight: 30
Double-Action Peacemaker (.45) Pistol (Range: 12/24/48 Damage: 2d6+1 RoF: 1 Weight: 3 Shots: 6 Notes: AP 1, Double Tap), .45 Bullets x24


Description: He’s tall, reed-thin, and has long, twisted fingernails. His nagging cough sounds like the beginnings of consumption, but this cackling fiend isn’t about to let that stop him.

He arrived recently from the Old Country and he’s already one of Kang’s most trusted servants. He immediately set about justifying Kang’s faith in him by moving up ruthlessly through the ranks of the Maze Rats. Nowadays, when Kang and Red Petals Su aren’t around Dragon’s Breath, Chung Tzu is the man to see. It’s rumored that Chung Tzu bargained with devils to prolong his own life while the Great Wall was still being built.

Chung Tzu

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