Animated Hand

This abomination is born after a human hand is severed by some means, preferably one that makes it worthwhile for the hand to seek vengeance. The hand usually has a specific intended victim, but it doesn’t mind harassing and terrorizing anyone who gets in its way. It loves to ridicule and tease its victims before closing in for the kill.


This is a severed hand that has taken on a semblance of life. Usualy the hand is little more than a stump (jagged and gory) past the wrist and the hand itself. An animated hand sometimes bars some identifying characteristic, such as a ring or tattoo. The thing skitter along using their fingers and thumbs, and can even sit up on their stumps to manipulate other objects


Being the creation of black magic and dark sorcery, the animated hand can be found any where such things are practiced. Animated Hands can also be the work of Frankenstein-like Mad Science as well.


See Deadlands Reloaded Marshal’s Handbook page 70.

Possible Adventure Ideas

House Call
Created by a patchwork man who lost his creator to a heart attack the monster animated the hands of the lawmen sent to investigate the strange sounds occurring at the doctor’s home.

Hand of Revenge:
An imprisoned sorcerer, mad scientist, or even wicked Indian shaman/Voodooist sends one (or both) his/her hands to seek revenge on the people who turn him/her in or killed them. This can be a former partner, a lynch mob, or even the heroes.
For a quick one night spook, one of the doomed (or the heroes themselves) are awoken in the middle of the night in their hotel rooms to the sound of a large rat skittering about and a eerie chill. Investigating they see what looks to be a tarantula moving to strike from the shadows. Once light is placed up it, the heroes learn that it is actually a hand. Read Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane story Right Hand of Doom which is about the same idea.
For a longer mystery adventure, as the villain are being strung up, they curse those they blame and vow revenge from beyond the grave. Each night one of the cursed people wake up strangled or killed by strange accidents (all caused by the hand).

Animated Hand

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