Aztec Mummy

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During certain periods of their history, the Aztecs practiced a form of mummification, particularly for those who were considered especially blessed or important. Occasionally, one of these mummies—usually that of a mighty king or pries—returns to the world of the living. Some Aztec mummies are buried with a small jade stone under their tongues. These stones protect the mummy from all forms of attack while in place.


The appearance of an Aztec mummy varies according to the freshness of its heart. With a new heart, the mummy is similar to a Harrowed—only detectable as undead with some effort. As the heart weakens, the mummy’s skin begins to dry and tighten, until, on the last day, it becomes little more than a dried-up, withered bag of walking bones.


These revenants usually inhabit ruins or other areas tied to their past, and often attract cults of human followers. This type of mummy has a specific upkeep requirement. Every 20 days, it must obtain a new heart, fresh from a live human being. Some mummies tour the west as part of traveling circus shows where they take obtain new hearts and travel to the next point before anyone is the wiser.


Possible Adventure Ideas

Cult of Popoca
An Aztec cult has reclaimed the mummy of an ancient high Priest named Popoca. To serve their master they kidnap miners and cowpokes to sacrifice their hearts to Popoca.

Traveling Circus Show
The Aztec mummy in a traveling circus show touring the west is claiming victims while in town before being loaded back onto the train to move on.

Aztec Mummy

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