Church of Lost Angels

In the wake of the Great Quake of ’68, the survivors made their way inland as best they could. It was an incredible journey. Besides the lack of food and fresh water, the ragtag refugees had to swim across the shark-infested sea channels and scale the canyons.

The most successful of these groups was led by a preacher named Ezekiah Grimme, who somehow managed to provide food and water for the entire motley congregation that followed him from the ruins. When they arrived at the inland side of the Maze, Grimme found a natural spring and proclaimed this site a new home for his “lost angels.”

Other refugees eventually wandered into Grimme’s camp. The town grew slowly but steadily until the discovery of gold, then later ghost rock. When the rush began in earnest, Grimme’s sanctuary became the natural shipping point for everything coming in and out of the Maze.

The venerable Grimme still leads his congregation. The Reverend’s sermons are pure fire and brimstone. Most folks in the city are members of the church, in body at least if not in spirit. Those weekly feasts after Sunday services make a lot of friends in the food-starved Maze.

Church of Lost Angels

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