Iron Dragon Railroad

Perhaps the most unlikely of the rail barons is a man known only as Kang. This Chinese magnate amassed his fortunes shipping ghost rock from the Maze to points east. Far East. And he wasn’t particularly nice about it.

Everyone who lives there knows to fear the colorful sampans of Kang. His pirates steal their ghost rock from other miners, raiding their camps and making off with their ore-laden barges. The rest of the warlord’s money comes from the opium trade, prostitution, and any other vice he can dip his well-manicured hands into.

Kang is a ruthlessly efficient warlord. He is also a superior martial artist and an even better sorcerer. But despite all his personal power, he knows the key to his secret ambition—establishing his own nation in the northern Maze—is money. Lots of it. Piracy and graft are lucrative, but the real money to be made is in shipping ghost rock to the war-torn eastern states. To meet this demand, he bought out the old Chicago and North Western, renamed it Iron Dragon, and quickly extended its lines west.

Kang entered the race later than most. By the time his first rolling stock was ready, all of the good routes west had already been claimed. So the crafty Kang did what no other rail baron was able to do—he headed straight into the Sioux Nations.

The real problem with building a railroad through the Sioux Nations is the Old Ways movement, a rejection of everything technological. Kang’s railroad was a direct challenge to the Old Ways movement, which had already had some resistance from younger Sioux.

Fortunately for Kang, he managed to strike some sort of deal witht the Sioux for exclusive right-of-way through their lands. No one knows how he did it. Most think that Indians hate the white man so much as to ally with another other race to spite them.

Kang’s success in forming a deal with the Sioux really paid off in ’75 when gold and ghost rock were discovered in the Black Hills, right in the heart of the Nations. The Sioux agreed to let him build a single spur to the “treaty city” of Deadwood and Kang’s fortunes grew, allowing his ominous Iron Dragons to chug on westward.

Iron Dragon Railroad

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