La Legion Etrangere

When Emperor Maximillian took over Mexico, he garrisoned the northern border with the refuse of the proud French Army, the Foreign Legion. While the Legion has a valiant fighting record, there is little denying its ranks are made up of the rest of the world’s castaways.

Deserters, debtors, and criminals all find homes as Legionnaires. Even the French officers are lost souls forced from the regular regiments to France’s unwanted stepchild. Still, when there’s fighting to be done, the Legion is a force to be reckoned with. These desperate men are cunning and ruthless in battle.

Though France and the southern states are on cordial terms, the Legionnaires scattered along the forgotten outposts of the border do their best to wreck the relationship. Out of greed or sheer boredom, Legionnaire patrols often wander north to raid the caravans of the Ghost Trail. They rarely leave witnesses to their bloody attacks. The Texas Rangers know which outposts are responsible, but they can’t take action once the “patrols” retreat across the border for fear of spoiling the

Confederacy’s already tentative relationship with France. The Rangers could likely win a fight with the Legion if they could just catch them. After years of fighting in the deserts of Africa, the Legionnaires can ride fast, hide in plain sight, and survive the incredible heat even better than the Rangers.

La Legion Etrangere

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