Poisoning the Meat

The Story So Far…

The Church of Lost Angels has many challenges if they wish to have complete control over California and its people. Shan Fan is one of major factions that need to be reined before the Church can reach its goal. Currently, Lost Angels has only a couple of chapels in the city and the Shan Fan triad hasn’t exactly been welcoming.

Increase the number of followers of the church, Lost Angels has sent up a few Guardian Angels to poison Stinktown’s food supply. Just like in Lost Angels, folk are more receptive to the church’s message when free grub in the deal. To make their mission a little easier, Grimme’s followers have been trying to limit the competition.

The Setup

The Posse gets word that someone has been poisoning Stinktown’s meat. The Shan Fan Triad is unhappy that Long-Haired Tony’s men can’t see to find and stop whose doing this, and the poisoned meat is cutting into profits. Proactive Posses with see this as a way to put a few dollars in their pocket and curry favor with the city’s true powers.

Adventure Notes

Clue #1
Posse likely to visit one the slaughterhouses where the meat has been poisoned. The supervisors on duty will be closed mouth if none of the Posse speak Chinese (any dialect). They will need to make a Persuasion roll -4 (bribing lower the penalty by 1 per $10) to get him to talk. The Posse could also talk to the workers there with a Streetwise -4 (also able to bribe the penalty down). If they can get someone to talk they discover that it was a group of people who broke in at night and sprayed the meat with a chemical that seems to make the meat rot without looking like it’s rotting. There must have been at least four of them and they must have some fighting experience as knocked out the night watchman. They even took any valuables on hand to make it look like a robbery at first. This should clue the Posse in that these are professionals who ever they are.

Clue #2

Clue #3

Poisoning the Meat

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