The Grudge

The Story So Far…

Sometimes things happen that are so vile and cruel that the evil never washes away. The best one can do his leave this pain and hate alone as it corrupts all that it touches.

In the district of Taeltown there is a large, exquisite house tucking in a small corner. The house sits empty most of the time despite the quality of the construction and size of the property. The neighborhood says the place is pure malice. The next door neighbors (the ones that will talk) will even say they have seen a waif of a woman with extremely long black hair guide pass the windows. A baby can be heard crying on the wind from the house. Everyone who has ever lived in the house has died, horribly. In fact, anyone who has ever spent significant time on the property as also died in seemingly bizarre accidents. Sure priests and monks have been brought in to sanctify the property but that has never worked.

You see after the Great Quake of 1868, out of the ashes of San Fransisco was Shan Fan constructed by the Chinese. It was during this time that many fortunes changed most for the worst, but a few for the better. One such person whose fortune was a builder and engineer by the name Tu Da Tang. It was his vision and work that help Shan Fan flourish. He did very well by the Shan Fan Triad and became quite wealthy. With his wealth he built his family one of the nicest homes in what would become Taeltown. His wealth also allowed him to marry a monk’s daughter named Chu Hua (chrysanthemum). She was one the prettiest girls alive after the quake. They quickly had a baby boy. Unfortunately, Tu Da was an angry, violent man who would take his frustrations out upon his family with physical punishment. He would regularly torture his wife. One night he was too rough with son who wouldn’t stop crying. He shook the baby to death. Chu Hua attacked Tu Da and scarred his face in the attack. Enraged, he choked his wife with her own long black hair. Not long afterward Chu Hua and her son haunted the home. Tu Da sold the valuable property with the intention of moving out of the city with his remaining fortune. He never made it. He was found drown in the tub of private suite. investigators found his mouth was full of long black hair.

The next owners was a Triad Big Brother and his new family. The wife hung herself with her own hair in the upper floor bedroom, the boys seemed to have killed each other with kitchen knives, and the husband was seemingly killed by a tong wanting his power (though no person claimed responsibility). Only the grandmother lived and went mad with grief.

Strangely, the caretakers the Triad hired as well as the deputies to worked the investigation of the wife and sons death died in bizarre and horrid fashions themselves. One of the caretakers threw herself off a four story balcony for no apparent reason, another caretaker just went missing, one of the deputies was crushed between a dock and a ship, another was found drawn and quartered in his bed.

When the grandmother died of natural causes the property was sold to a banker back east. So far he has never even set foot in the city let alone the house, but he when he saw the description and the asking price he couldn’t pass it up. However, he has been unsuccessful in renting out the property to anyone. He has even succumbed to allowing Shinto monks to sanctify the property with their “magics.” Even then the house was only quieted for a few weeks before the haunting started back up.

The Setup

The Banker wants to hire investigators to determine how to get someone to either rent the house or barring that someone dumb enough to buy the property off the banker. The banker doesn’t care which as he ready to cut his loses at this point.

The Grudge

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