Union Blue Railroad

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the hero of Gettysburg, is the president of the Union Blue Railroad. Chamberlain was working as Grant’s aide de camp when the competition was announced.

Realizing the strategic importance of the transcontinental railroad to the country, he asked for and received a leave of absence to form the railroad. Union Blue runs just south of the Sioux Nations. As you might expect, the spurs Chamberlain needs to generate revenue often stray into the Disputed Lands. This means very slow going due to constant harassment by Rebel guerrillas and Black River saboteurs.

Chamberlain’s real advantages stem from his personal character. His incredible sense of integrity and honor has won him many friends along his path, including many military commanders and the leader of the Agency’s Western Bureau—the Ghost. This is why he is able to quickly and cheaply negotiate right-of-ways with towns in both the United States and its territories as well as the Disputed Lands.

Chamberlain’s workers—the best-treated of all the rail crews—would die for their selfless master. Many of his guards are veterans of the war, some of whom are disabled but make up for their disadvantages with cold determination. All of Chamberlain’s workers take the job of protecting the line and its crews very seriously.

Union Blue Railroad

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